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Kitchen Synk Studios

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Great art style, love the character designs! Fun concept

Really cool mechanic, the game feels very well polished.

Was not expecting to laugh this much! Nicely done :)

Was not expecting to laugh this much! Nicely done :)

bzzz bzzzz bzz bzzzz bzzzz bzzz (Good game lol)

Your pallet choice is really nice. Very pleasant to play!

Good art style, lots of polish.

Art was fantastic! Gameplay was fun as well. Great job!

Love the simple aesthetic, very satisfying!

Incredible atmosphere and world-building, love the use of color and scale. Only critique would be that some of the models could benefit from either having less polygons, or be shaded smooth.

This game was a lot of fun! I think it could benefit from checkpoints along the way, instead of spawning you all the way back at the start. Also gave me mild motion sickness. Overall, this was a lot of fun! Good work!

Has potential, could benefit from the mouse rotating the view.

This was cool! Love the sounds and the visuals. Mechanics feel solid as well. Nice work!

Cool cutscenes! Love the elephant.

The controls/animations are really fun! 

This was fun. Would benefit from more polished controls.

These visuals are fantastic! Reminds me of "A Short Hike." Would love to know your approach. Overall this game has a ton of potential. I do think the controls could stand to be a bit more polished.

Cool concept, this game could benefit from a tutorial

Has lots of potential, enjoyed the visuals!

Nice visual style and creative mechanics!

Really fun to play! Those are addicting and satisfying mechanics.

Cool concept, I love non-euclidean stuff.  With enough polish could be really fun. Good stuff!

Absolutely adore the art in this game! Fun to play as well. Great job!

Thanks for the kind words! Camera improvements are definitely high on our to-do list. We appreciate the suggestion!

Hey! Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed playing! WebGL optimization has been tricky to say the least. We'll be sure look into those lag issues you were talking about, good suggestions!

Hey! Glad you enjoyed the game! Awesome video. We're currently working on cleaning up some of the issues that we didn't quite have the time to address during the jam. Be on the lookout for any changes!

Should be fixed now :)