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aaaa this game is adorable. nice work! big fan of the cutscene at the beginning and the lil transitions before each level. keep up the good work :'D

hmmm, maybe it's just me. I got this pop up with the unity logo and an exclamation mark when I tried to open it, but I'll try to play it again later!

the graphics are amazing! :'D well done

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aw, this is really cute! great job, charming lil game :'D 9000 subs and only 26 views? hmm sounds just like youtube

hmm, I can't seem to play it D:

Simple, yet super chill! Graphics are super adorable and the music was catchy too. Awesome job guys! 

It was fun to play! The music was real catchy. The only problem I faced when playing though, is that when pressing up or down, it made my browser scroll. D: 

Thank you for the suggestions! I’ll be sure to improve that in the next update! ^^ 

Welp, I suck at bullet hell, but this was still a joy to play! I liked the little polish you added -- like trailing, knockback, and little numbers to indicate damage. The UI is simple but gorgeous. A straight to the point and enjoyable game!  

Wow, this just proved how bad my memory is -- and that was easy mode. Cute game! Simple, but still a fun classic. Pretty sure I wouldn't survive at harder levels though!   

Really neat lil game. Congrats on getting it out there so quickly!
Took a while before I got used to all those tiny little platforms, but was a pretty cool design choice in my books! Got used to it after a bit, or so I thought. XD A lot of trial and error when it came to finishing levels, and was frustrating at times, but was very satisfying when completing a particularly hard level. Loved the minimalist graphics. Well done! 

Thank you Phil! :)