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Color based arcade shooter.
Submitted by Escada Games (@EscadaGames), Sucraiso (@sucraiso) — 22 hours, 11 minutes before the deadline
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This game is decent. I liked how you used the theme and that the core gameplay mechanics support the theme. The gameplay was somewhat fun to play and it was decent. However, I do not really like the graphics. I do like the fonts and the way the damage numbers look like but I do not like the colors of the characters and the background. For some reason, I just do not like those colors and the game does not really look aesthetically pleasing too me. The audio was also somewhat decent. I do appreciate that you actually added a soundtrack. Though the soundtrack sounded decent and it fit the game, it was not very moody and for some reason, I would have liked the game to have a somewhat moody soundtrack. I think the game would be better if it had a more tense soundtrack. 


Thanks for the feedback D-Studios, we really appreciate it: I particularly understand your critic and agree with it.

 Sadly the graphics ended up being kind of rushed, in particular the background, that do not really fits and even makes the sprites not pop so much... and about the music, it was rushed as well, so it came out with about no emotion and tension in it. We really did have more time to polish the game, but college and work were bigger priorities. Anyway, we look foward to cutting the rough edges of this game one day, so your comment is, as I said, really welcome. Thanks!



Really cool game.  I just got done playing Bleed 2, which matches the colors (pink deflects pink etc) so I kept getting mixed up, but high score of 4650.  Not sure if that is good or not.  Hopefully some other people post their high scores so I can gauge how bad I am.

Fun music, great mechanics, and solid concept.  I hope you develop this further!


Had no idea Bleed 2 had a similar mechanic haha I just played the first, but one day I'll surely play the second one.

Also, thanks for the feedback! We'll definetly consider polishing this game more in the future, thanks :)

Also², I got 8450! I guess I could get a better score, but have other things to do haha


Welp, I suck at bullet hell, but this was still a joy to play! I liked the little polish you added -- like trailing, knockback, and little numbers to indicate damage. The UI is simple but gorgeous. A straight to the point and enjoyable game!  


 Glad you liked it Kise! This time we tried to make the gameplay more straight to the point and simple, so there was more time to add the bits of polish: good to hear it was a nice touch.