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The funny thing is we actually thought for hours as well and had other ideas that were probably more designed around the theme as you said but discarded them because they would have been way more risky in 40h.

I totally understand your point and to be honest I am probably the guy within the team who agrees with you the most.

I can assure you we do accept and value criticism. After all, it's just a jam and we all do our best to have a great time ^^.

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Hey lethandralis, thanks for your comment :)
So you think we didn't explore the theme well enough because it's not original? 
We know the game is, despite still being in the theme, not a brand new fresh concept but to be fair, the design has slightly drifted from the initial pitch ( but you know... time/production constraints ^^ ).
We did have another pitch that was a bit more original, but also much more ambitious and we heart-brokenly discarded it because we didn't feel it was doable in 48hours.
I'm now curious about what you would actually change in the concept? Did you have something in mind?

Let's say the design slightly drifted from what we first pitched, mainly due to time and production constraints ^^.
You may be right in saying that the central mechanic is out of focus, and we would have certainly tweak how it works if it wasn't for the deadline getting closer and closer.  
I'm not the designer, so I won't elaborate too much but we all agree we probably spend too much time and focus on driving the team, and might have, as you said, not step back enough.
I think we are trying to acknowledge of that and, from those already there, it was already an improvement compared to last year edition. I'm sure will do better next year ^^.
Thanks for your constructive feedback though, we'll try to keep your advice in minds when we'll iterate on this entry again (probably after the shit-ton of bugs we need to fix first xD).

The things you mention as design fail are mostly by lack of time to fine tune, as you said the ideas are good they just need more tweaking (besides bugs).

There are arrows to show the five nearest planets but there's a bug in this version not showing some. 

Also, the bigger the arrow is, the bigger the planet will be.

also optimisations are on their way!

No worries, always glad to have (especially constructive) feedbacks and you clearly got a point there. :)

Thanks for your feedback :)
We didn't have time to tweak a lot of things and among them the spaceships rotation for example for which we are not completely happy with.
We'll probably upload a new fine tuned version  when rating is finished.

This arrow showing up at start is fixed in the next  build :)
Thanks for the feedback!