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Easily my favorite game out of all the games I have played for this game jam, I love the humor in it and all of the different endings. I'll be sure to check out your other games too:)

Thanks for the comment, college isn't too bad for me but I just got started with game development so everytime I try something I have to learn 20 new things which didn't help at all. I told myself no matter what happens I would upload something to this game jam which explains my terrible game XD, after the gam jam is over I am taking it off of until I actually finish it which probably won't be for awhile. I'll also be sure to check out your game:)

I really enjoyed playing this game, one thing I noticed though is if you die to two things at the same time it respawns two people, I ended up getting four people on the screen at once XD, but it was a very fun game:)

I just struggled to manage my time well, especially with the competition starting the first day of college XD, thank you and I am definitely going to flesh it more out in the future, but taking a route different from bugs, and I will be sure to check out your game too:)

Originally it wasn't, but I couldn't find a way to fix that bug especially with school going on so I just left it and acted like it was supposed to be there since it said it wasn't a buggy game XD, eventually I do plan on making it how it's supposed to be though.