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Oh wow that sounds super complex! I think maybe a check in mechanic to check in with yourself as you play might fit this type of game? Just a simple "check in, see how you feel, stop or redirect if you need to" type of thing? I think a pervasive game fits the parameters just fine and will be great!

Hah awesome you answered your own questions! Looking forward to the gorgeous version.

I love this idea! Not obnoxious at all! I'd love to learn about all the different types of moth markings and patterns and furs!

Hey Earth Empathy jammers! It's been one week! How is your game coming along? Are you stuck anywhere? How can we/the community help? Post below if you'd like some feedback.

Additionally! If you'd prefer to make a game and not have it in the anthology once we decide the who the charity is that is also totally cool and you can opt out.

Oh yea that's totally great and fine. 

Something on earth would definitely be more in the parameters of the game jam! So probably the ocean :D

I'm currently raising monarch caterpillars and writing a game about them too for my patreon lol! I thought about donating to them but I think I'd like to do something bigger and less specific. More climate-y.

We are currently researching which ones would be best and help the most right now instead of in the future! Researching Extinction Rebellion, Sunrise, stuff that is backed by IPBES etc. If you have any suggestions we'd love to hear them!

It doesn't have to be part of the game play, it can just be an informative sentence somewhere in the text.

Nope that sounds awesome! Team away!

Foxes and flames are so evocative! Very folklore-ish too.

Let Kira or Jenn know if you have questions about what counts as a critter, plant or habitat, if you're having trouble with mechanics, or if you've just never made a game like this before and have no idea where to start.

Here's a thread to brainstorm ideas with other designers in the jam! Not sure what to make? Check out what other people are doing, share your ideas if you have too many, etc!

Hi! I'm Kira, a queer trans ttrpg designer, and I just put out my first solo game, A Cozy Den! It's here:

A Cozy Den is an intimate game of domestic winter. Players roleplay as Lesbisnakes who all have different needs in their Den and various ways of approaching these needs, from cuddling, to napping, to wrestling. Lesbisnakes are half snake, half human, and all lesbian. Various threats are waiting outside of the Den throughout winter putting stress on the Lesbisnakes feelings. Can the Lesbisnakes maintain a community of coziness during the overwinter time?

  • GMless, 2-5 player game, one session play 
  • Play a Lesbisnake: half human, half snake, all lesbian
  • Collaborative interior design on your Den
  • Gameplay feels cozy
  • Deconstruction of PbTA mechanics
  • Consensual Cuddling
  • Have problems like what to do when the internet is down
  • Choose your gender identification and presentation which is also the color of your scales