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Looks nice and is fun to play! I did run into a showstopper issue a few times where the disc had fallen next to the basket but I would be unable to fully move to the disc and would keep bouncing back away from the basket and disc repeatedly. The app would have to be restarted in this instance.

Note, this file is not (yet) tagged but it is available for Windows.

"VR Guitar" may be more beautiful than "cellar door", phonoaesthetically speaking

line 946, in requireneeded =self.resolve(parse_requirements(requirements))File "C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\pkg_resources\__init__.py", line 833, in resolveraise DistributionNotFound(req, requirers)pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: The 'netifaces' distribution was not found and is required by zeroconf

Trying to get this set up, but when I run the LiveShowtimeClient.py server the window that pops up closes immediately. From the later steps it seems like this should be opening a window that persists. Any ideas?

As a right handed player I had a lot of trouble not accidentally quitting the game and had to eventually use only my left hand.

Is there a key bound for recentering the camera?

This executable requires a data folder to run, please include it (together, in the same Zip as the executable)!

What version of the Oculus runtime does this require?

Is this a VR app? It has a Direct-to-Rift executable but does not output to the Rift. Running the standard executable will begin a desktop (non VR) experience.

What version of the Oculus runtime does this require?

(Troubleshooting) I could not get this to run on Oculus runtime 0.7 (crashes immediately), but it does work on 0.8.


Could not get this to run on Oculus runtime 0.7, may require

One note for future iterations, not all keyboards have a Pause key, so [R] is usually a pretty good option to use for camera reset

This wouldn't run for me on Oculus runtime 0.8, but does function on 0.7 FYI

Very cool!

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Having some trouble getting this to run, which version of the Oculus runtime is required? Note that the non Direct-to-Rift executable works just fine for a desktop experience

Seems like this requires you to place the Leap Motion Controller on the table in front of you (not headmounted).

The uploaded file does not seem to include a Windows build.

Is there a keybinding that will recenter the camera?

I wasn't able to get this working with the Rift (although it does run as a desktop/non-VR experience). Do you support a different HMD or possibly require an older version of the Oculus runtime?

This app will not output to the Rift with Oculus runtimes 0.7 or 0.8 installed.

Note that this project has an issue with a small number of Leap Motion Controllers (due to a bug in the Unity assets), more info and details on how to address can be found here: https://community.leapmotion.com/t/quick-fix-for-unity-vr-developers/4322

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Cool! Adding another camera or two in Unity (like a picture-in-picture setup) might allow you to still see where your hands were in relation to the virtual HOTAS while looking forward (or elsewhere).

This app has a problem with a small number of Leap Motion Controllers, here is a thread with some info on a quick fix: https://community.leapmotion.com/t/quick-fix-for-unity-vr-developers/4322

When the top right set of hands (light, male) are selected there is a bit of a problem with the left hand, all of the fingers are stuck together in a clump. This does not happen for any of the other hand models.

This app has an issue with a very small number of Leap Motion Controllers - here is a post that details how to fix it: https://community.leapmotion.com/t/quick-fix-for-unity-vr-developers/4322

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What version of the Oculus runtime does this game require? Getting a "Shim initialization failure" warning on launch and then the gameworld is empty.

The newly packaged build is working. Nice!

OSX build now working!

Looks good embedded in the page, that definitely makes it much easier to check out!

The OSX archive seems to be corrupt, it will not extract.

Opening the index.html from the git zip produces a "The file or directory could not be found" error.

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It would be best to package these files into a single ZIP or RAR. I can't get the executable to run on Windows or OSX. What platform is this for?