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Try the WebGL version, it's at the top of our page

Hey guys, thanks for this initiative!

Here's our game, it's Whack-A-Mole,  with a chaotic twist! Enjoy and thanks ahead of time!


Here's our game, would appreciate it if you checked it out, thanks! Here's our game, hope you enjoy!

Thanks for your feedback! We had a lot of conversations about that exact issue, and ultimately arrived at this outcome where we would show the letters the first time you hit it, then the letter would disappear. We chose to do this since we thought it would be more chaotic, but we will keep in mind your's and everyone else's' feedback!

This is giving me massive meteor 60 seconds vibes, but I honestly like this more because of it's map design, graphics and audio. Great job!

thanks, will make sure to check out your game when I have the time!

Very well designed levels and mechanics, I loved the concept and the art style, great job!

Designed very well, I really appreciate the artstyle and sound, an idea to make it more chaotic is to maybe combine elements of the different games into one game.  Overall, it's a well made game

This game was really fun, and it fit very well thematically. I especially liked the music that changed as there was more chaos, great job!

Thanks for checking out our game!

I think that the game is designed  well, I especially like the graphics and the music, however, the game crashed twice while I was playing it, which might be a problem on my side but I'm not sure, overall though, fun game!

The game is very well designed, the levels are all unique, and the "think OUTSIDE the box" idea really added to the theme. I think that the graphics and audio work really well together, and overall, good job!

I thought that the game itself was fun and challenging, a classic take on a dungeon crawler style game. That being said,  I found the game was lacking a bit in the theme department, as  it wasn't very chaotic (because i could essentially ignore the zombies by jumping over them, and moving out of their range put them back to sleep). All in all, however, excellent work, and I really appreciated the intuitive controls, the art style, and the sound effects.