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It is very interesting since we had the same concept but a very different execution. I like the fact that you can see three faces at a time, which solves the readability problem I had, but it becomes a bit unnatural to move, in my opinion. I really like levels where you have several dices that you have to manage. The graphics are correct, but the user interface could be improved a bit. Well done! 

Very nice entry. It feels very nice! Good job! 

Wow, the art is so good; really nice ambiance. A great game! Not so a fan of the wall of text one has to swallow to understand how to play, but I guess it is part of the genre ^^ Well done!

Simple concept but very addictive. You could improve on the art and make it feel juicier to be even more addictive. Some dice are very fast, which feels a bit weird and buggy, but maybe it was the wanted effect. Also, I wasn't able to see the score correctly (even in full-screen mode), it seems that you tailored it for your screen size, but it doesn't adapt to other screen sizes ^^. Pretty fun, well done!

I love the art! Very fun to play. Well done!

It is a cool idea! It lacks a bit of the ability to prepare a plan properly and execute it, you end up rerolling dices until the rng got you the piece you need and hoping you have enough rerolls. Maybe having different paths that one could choose to take would solve this. Nice submission :)

It is a really nice variation on the theme, great idea! You could improve a bit on graphics and add some sound effects for a little more polish. And some maps are very hard if you don't have good dice with a good number to shoot fast enough. Pretty fun, well done!

Maybe indeed. Or to let the player release the Z key once the dash is fully charged without canceling it, at least for a short period. Just enough for it to not be frustrating if you release too quickly the key before choosing your dashing direction. 

Difficult to understand the rules, and the wall of text doesn't help ^^. But a good and creative idea in the end. It may need some sound and visual effects to add a bit more juice to it and make it feel nicer. Well done!

I love the retro vibe! Good game; feels very nice. I had a bit of a hard time apprehending the controls, and it is hard to use the dash properly since it stops if you release the key before having chosen a direction. Well done :)

Good idea; it is very fun, addictive, and feels good. The pace is maybe a bit fast at the beginning, you can instantly get shot when the game starts, and it is a bit awkward to start in the corner of the map. It is hard to follow what is happening and think of everything simultaneously, but I guess this is part of the concept. Well done! :)

Interessting little game. The jump feels a bit floaty and the controls are a bit unnatural and hard to use. It is hard to attack, especially because you can't attack while jumping and you have to turn back to cast a spell, not knowing which spell will be sent so if the rng doesn't get you the needed spell you are pretty much doomed to be hit and instant death is a bit punishing ^^ A bit more polish would be appreciated. It is a good idea and a nice little game :)

I found the particle effect so satisfying ahaha. I won't be as harsh as the other comments; I see that your relation with the theme is about the random generation. In my opinion, you don't have to have a literal dice in your game to fit the theme. You may have gained by embracing it more and adding random mechanics that are more "obvious" trough the game. Controls are a bit difficult to apprehend, and you often end up in unwanted directions; maybe some hidden assistance could be useful or a way to slow down when you prepare for your jump. Unfortunately, I didn't find any fragments during my playthrough. Nice little game, well done :) 

It is clearly an interesting idea, and it has potential. It would obviously need some artwork, sfx, control polish, and juiciness, but as I understand, you, unfortunately, didn't have time. Nice prototype anyway. Maybe you could investigate what would happen with different shapes of the bawl inside which we throw the dice in order to have different effects (like a rounded bottom) or by adding some obstacles (In the style of the Galton Board) with the objective to add a bit more randomness to the results without getting red of the skill factor needed to throw the dices. Nice job! :)

Really nice concept! The idea is original and fits the theme well. The controls are a bit stiff and lack polish, in my opinion. Also, it is possible to get stuck; for example, if you fall and don't have a configuration with a platform to climb again, you have to wait until the configuration change to your advantage again. I got a bug where the platform spawned around me during a jump, and I just got stuck for a while. I found it fun and enjoyed it, and I would have loved to have more levels :)

 The presentation may be improved a bit, maybe with some screenshots, a logo, and a well-designed theme. (I specify it since it is one of the criteria of the notation)

Well done :)

Thanks! :) 

Nice, pretty art. Controls feel a bit floaty and I am unsure if the jump is buggy or if I should be able to walljump ^^

Very solid entry, fun and challenging. The art is cool. Well done!

Fun game and an original idea. The feeling could however largely be improved, controls feel floaty and mouse sensitivity is way too high, I couldn't aim correctly ^^ It was fun anyway, well done!

Really solid game idea. Cofeels feels a bit "floaty" and unintuitive, for example pushing the box is very slow like if the box was weighting tones, but once the same box has to fall it seems to float as if it was on the moon. You also stick to walls and objects which is a bit uncomfortable to play. Art is lovely I really liked it, and some of these puzzles were challenging. Well done!

Really nice and relaxing concept. I did like the music. I think they are some bugs. At certain times the color was picked but the tube wasn't changing colors; other times it was changing color, but the color wasn't picked, or the wrong color. It locked me for a bit when you have to split the color on the square region ^^ But solid idea and with some polish, it could definitely be a great game :) 

It is a good idea and an interesting mechanic. It felt, however, a bit repetitive and I wasn't sure that there was a progression to the point to think it may be a bug with the "next level" button. But indeed, the car's speed seems to change, and the ball starts to swing. A bit more variations and new challenges would have been great :) 

Ok, I took note of it. Thanks for the warning!

Oh sorry, I thought this thread was specifically for that. Should I delete the post?

Thanks! I made a puzzle game, it is not the most challenging game but I hope the mechanic is cool.

Thanks a lot! Yeah I know there are some small bugs, I think I see where yours happened. Other bugs that I saw is when one of the balls get stuck in a corner. I am glad that you could keep on despite this problem. Thanks for the feedback!

The concept is simple but the execution is very good. Good levels, it is pretty, feels nice. Good game!

Wow cutscenes! This is very a very cool game. Well done!

This is a very good game, mechanics work very well with the thematic. Some puzzles are really clever. Nice!

Wow, this is awesome. The ambiance is very cool, visuals and music are very good. Puzzles are challenging and gameplay is very interesting. Clearly one of my fav so far ;)

It is maybe a bit unclear where are the rocks and when you will collide. There are times when you think everything is clear but it is not, and other times when you think there is no way but it goes well. And I had a strange bug by trying to aboard a mission panicking on the "del" button. Mission was indeed aborted but my rover wasn't aligned to the grid anymore making it impossible to finish and I had to restart.

Very good game. Well done!

It was really fun. It took me a while to get used to the controls, it is not very clear when you can or cannot "air jump".  And you don't reset the velocity when respawn which led to some hilarious triple reset ahaha.The fact that the cube rolls on platforms is a nice touche. Art is cool. Well done :)

Took me a moment to understand how to play but it was quite fun once I got it. Well done! 

It took me a while to get how to play but this is definitely a clever idea. I liked it!

I didn't understand right away what I was supposed to do, but it quickly became addictive aha. Nice!

Same here :( Couldn't press the play button... 

I didn't quite understand how to use the armor upgrade and extra tower but it was quite fun anyway. Great job. Love the art! 

I enjoyed it. Art is cool and puzzles are fun. It would be even better with some simple sound effects. Great job!

Cool concept! Well done for a first game :)

Interesting concept, nice game. It looks really good, well done! 

Realy fun game, good game feel. Nice!