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I'm happy you like it :) 

Thanks for letting me know! I have only been able to test through a wired connection, unfortunately I don't have all the tools to test for every scenario so these comments are super helpful as it helps me and other users :)

I will hopefully be doing an update for the app soon using non beta systems in the app, so with any luck that will fix these issues!

Is there any error messages when trying to open the app? Or just literally nothing happens? 

The security and privacy part only works if you cant open the app due to it saying its an app by an unidentified developer. 

What hardware are you using? I was only able to test on a 2011 Macbook pro as that is all I have available to me.

Otherwise it could be many things, possibly a corrupted download? The initial download should be 51mb so if its any smaller than that, that might be the case.

The app is plug and play. So connecting the controller while the app is running should work.

If it is not, try connecting the controller first before opening the app.

I have only been able to test the controllers via USB. So I am unsure whether connecting a controller via Bluetooth will work or not if that is the issue. 

Thanks for the feedback!

Glad you like it :)

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