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I see the theme of this game, but most games like this are always about getting more.

The game was somewhat challenging but fun. The unexpected ending killed all of it though. I feel like the abrupt ending could have been integrated better.

The ending of this game should be due to the action and failure of the player themselves taking on more power than they should have. If the player can maintain stability, then the ending shouldn't come.

To put the effort in building up to such a point only for everything to crumble makes it a waste of time.

Hope to see an exe version of this for windows.

I haven't seen any way the game saves. Some tooltips would also be useful. Otherwise fun to play.

For some reason when I ran the game the process was purple, which indicates the file being packed or encrypted. Unless it's setting off some sort of security false alarms.

This game is fun but can pull resources from low-end machines. The encryption is a negative effect on performance.

To conceal data it's best to build it directly into the coding. The decrypt/unpacking slows down the game.

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I picked this game up recently. Game is really fun. Still playing it. I see quite a few places for improvement, not sure how far you plan to take this project..

  • It needs a settings/audio menu to adjust in-game.
  • Some new terrain and weather would be a good idea to the scene. Maybe snow and leaves falling.
  • Would be nice if the upgrade system made visible impovements to the train.
  • The random events during movement are funny, and audio could possibly add to it.