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Probably. I didn't use the online version. The offline version does though.

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The game has a save file and continues until you fail or delete files. Then it will restart.

This game is quite well done. Would be nice if this came to desktop as well.

I really enjoy this for simple art. One thing I think would be nice is maybe if we can customize the gui and tool positions.

~ I really enjoy the ability to switch classes on the fly.

~ Would be useful if a medic could revive a fallen crew member rather than just lose them.

~ A sandbox mode would be fun.

~ With the ship and crew having equal importance, ship upgrades would be useful.

If possible, controller support would make it also more smooth.

Creative game and concept for a jam. Certainly has areas where improvement could come in if planned.

Not sure if this game uses it, but it's always best to render only what is visible. Helps in performance.

This game is really fun. I would certainly like to see this game be expanded on.

~ A bigger tool set and market would be nice.

~ The sound/frequency lock is slightly difficult.

~ Have more big heists.

Game is fun, but just for simplicity you might want to make it portable.

I like the idea of digging for a lost or ancient civilization, but it needs to have the feeling as if I really did achieve something.

To have the multiple people who play the game all "rebuild" lost artifacts with what they find would be neat.

Update is nice. However....

The appdata folder for Terra Nil has an "analytics" folder and "log" files. Analytics was marked as a threat by microsoft.

I ended up looking at the "log" files and they seem to be trying to contact

It seems like a large amount of data is being recorded into the analytics as well. Enough to where it was flagged.

While probably a false positive, you might want to look into what is being recorded to such a level it alerts security just to avoid any similar issues later.

~ The early warning system with the red arrows helps. You know if a hunter is coming, but most important, you know if a bone is about to be stolen, which you can't see from above. Losing a bone also burns off your health.

Once that warning system stops, you don't know what is going on below and if the hunter is just off screen.

~ Dig time is decent, but it would be cool if you could "upgrade" the skeleton and other things. Maybe the mage does more damage.

~ Tombs breaking seems fine to me. It makes you have to move.

~ Health loss being permanent makes the session very hard to keep going, especially with only 3 of it.

~ There is no saving of high scores or the active game you are in. Would be interesting if the dark door underground had a high score system in it.

This game is actually fun. It would be useful if the warning system between the mage and the skeleton was more active.

Would also be nice if the game saved.

If a ritual is completed having lost health returned would be a good idea.

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For some reason hardwood is really rare in the stage of making a forge. Can't buy it on the market. I've cut EVERY tree down that grows. Just raw wood.

Trees which are "darker than the others" don't pop up often.

On a side note, trees and rocks spawn inside of anything you build, including the garden/farm area.

I've also seen NPCs get stuck inside of trees and rocks that spawn where they are standing.

The game is fun I just wish it had an endless option.

One thing I strongly recommend is to try and optimize the scroll screen that comes after assigning jobs. This screen only gets longer as the population grows.

I've been playing with the batch code and found the admin area. Built it into the town menu, lol.

I don't know why, but you had "errorlevel" without it being in %%. The value of errorlevel counted from the highest to lowest number as well. Like 9 to 1.

%ERRORLEVEL% is a default system variable.


if %ERRORLEVEL% == 1 goto var1 if %ERRORLEVEL% == 2 goto var2 :var1 cls echo Hello pause goto START :var2 cls echo Hello again pause goto START


Both actually. I tried to isolate the issue by only viewing the game window and nothing else, when I tried to get rid of a cell I didn't need, the game froze again. This behavior is really weird. I sent some info though.

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I really enjoy this. I have some minor issues however:

~ Looking in other windows while the game is active totally locks up the windows os. This is something to possibly look into.

I can't seem to find the reason or way to replicate how this is happening. Attempting in using any forensic tools to analyze behavior for errors is just freezing the os.

~ One of the controls is using the "Alt" button. This is something I had to change since "Alt + F4" or "Alt + CTRL + DEL" are system based shortcuts.

Having alt in the game cuts off the system shortcut access when the app is frozen.

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If you're playing a game from a website there's chances you'll lose the data. I downloaded the game. It has a save file on your pc. It's probably a good idea to not depend on web based save files.

I have yet to lose my progress on pc and you can also backup the file if you want. It's in the form of a .dat file. It sits in the same directory as the game exe.

As a way of caution I usually avoid browser based games. I would rather just download it. You have more control that way.

Must say, this game has potential. I enjoy games about managing things, mining, and farming. This one has some small issues in its current state. It needs to be fleshed out more with additional features and information.

A game about the ecosystem has a lot of options to choose from in expanding it. Hope to see this go further.

I really enjoy this game. Hope to see updates for it. Been playing it for quite some time.

This game sits in a unique lane of its own. It has the potential of gaining strong traction if expanded further. I hope to see it happen.

I really enjoy games like this. I find it sort of unfortunate the game isn't planned to go any further. It has great potential.

Farming and mining games are things are enjoy.

Would be nice to see this compiled for other systems.

This game certainly has potential, but has quite the way to go. Controls are somewhat minimal along with models and other assets being pretty basic, but being a beta it's a base to build from.

~ The truck model can use something more fit to underground digging.
~ Textures can be improved.

~ Controls can be improved upon.

~ Maybe use natural disasters to cause tunnels to fall and new resources to appear

~ Upgrade system for the digging machine.

The ideas can go on and on with a game at this stage. I'm just throwing some ideas on the table. :)

I really enjoy this game. Still play it. If you have intentions of returning or not you may want to consider making the raw sources available.

I attempted to run this on windows 7 and I get a fatal error. Simply attempting to start the game exe give a fatal error pop up and closes.

I see the theme of this game, but most games like this are always about getting more.

The game was somewhat challenging but fun. The unexpected ending killed all of it though. I feel like the abrupt ending could have been integrated better.

The ending of this game should be due to the action and failure of the player themselves taking on more power than they should have. If the player can maintain stability, then the ending shouldn't come.

To put the effort in building up to such a point only for everything to crumble makes it a waste of time.

Hope to see an exe version of this for windows.

For some reason when I ran the game the process was purple, which indicates the file being packed or encrypted. Unless it's setting off some sort of security false alarms.

This game is fun but can pull resources from low-end machines. The encryption is a negative effect on performance.

To conceal data it's best to build it directly into the coding. The decrypt/unpacking slows down the game.

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I picked this game up recently. Game is really fun. Still playing it. I see quite a few places for improvement, not sure how far you plan to take this project..

  • It needs a settings/audio menu to adjust in-game.
  • Some new terrain and weather would be a good idea to the scene. Maybe snow and leaves falling.
  • Would be nice if the upgrade system made visible impovements to the train.
  • The random events during movement are funny, and audio could possibly add to it.