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I lost everything!

A topic by pepper22 created 20 days ago Views: 78 Replies: 1
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All my data had been lost, everything was "Saved" I was on day 109 and had 3,415 coins. I was signed into my account, what is up with this? I got in the council and defeated the dragon. I worked so hard for this and I open it to find that everything wasn't saved at all I love the game I really do but I lost everything.

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If you're playing a game from a website there's chances you'll lose the data. I downloaded the game. It has a save file on your pc. It's probably a good idea to not depend on web based save files.

I have yet to lose my progress on pc and you can also backup the file if you want. It's in the form of a .dat file. It sits in the same directory as the game exe.

As a way of caution I usually avoid browser based games. I would rather just download it. You have more control that way.