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Thank you so much for the feedback. Amazing video!

Thank you so much for the amazing video! Feel free to email me about anything you think I should add.

Thanks you so much! The Bugs have already been fixed in the 1.3 Update of the Demo :)

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Awesome video! Thank you for pointing out the bugs :)

EDIT: Bugs in this video have been fixed! :)

Thank you so much! Really nice video :)

Yes it will be able to be played online but that will come a little bit after release

Thank you so much! And the game is still in development so all bugs will be fixed before release

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Infinite is an endless space shooter game developed my King Of Questions Games. It will include single player modes such as Endless Space Mode and Mission mode! It will also include multiplayer modes such as Galactic Battle which is a Space arena Battle royal mode! At the moment the demo only contains the single player Endless Space Mode! I hope you enjoy it and I would really appreciate your feedback :)


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Fice gameplay demo! Really had fun making this! :)