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Hi, this is quite a late response but maybe it still helps.

I'm not the dev but you can contact them at the options listed on their website:

I don't know for sure about slimepires, but pico-8 games use a config file at C:/Users/Yourname/AppData/Roaming/pico-8/config.txt

In that file, there is a section called button_keys, it needs button scancodes, so it's not the most user friendly way, but if you can figure out what scancodes correspond to the buttons you want, it might work. I found out about this at

Hi! Not sure where to post this, sorry if this is the wrong place.

In Firefox and Edge, if I'm not logged in to, the jam page looks like this (yes, it moves like that on its own):

hey aadgasdgfadgd  ghgh cant you please put the web player behind a link or something, if you don't want me to play it, it's killing my browser, I could barely type this comment

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I love this. Combining mechanics is always great :)

I got stuck where I need to go up (with two blue arrows pointing up on the side of a wall)... And the part right before that was weird too, I ended up accidentally parkouring myself to the button. (I've read your comments about how to do it afterwards, not sure if I could've figured that out.)

(By the way, the GIFs on this page are very large files, and they make the page sluggish for me even while typing!)

This is an excellent idea and I'd love to see this concept explored in a setting that isn't so frantic and unforgiving. For a jam game it's absolutely great of course, I just wonder what else could be done with this idea (maybe a puzzle game of sorts, or something else?)...

(I was expecting to get motion sickness but no, I just kept being perpetually disoriented, in an intriguing way.)

This looks super fun. But please, keyboard+mouse support would be essential. If you have trouble coding for multiple kinds of inputs, I recommend Sinput: (But even without that, if you just used the unity input system I'm pretty sure it's possible to make it usable with both keyboard+mouse and a controller, just need to set it up correctly in the input settings. Sorry, I don't mean to sound patronizing!)

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This is really really good :)

I got absolutely stumped twice, both times because I failed to see/follow up on a clue... but I managed it in the end and it was really enjoyable.

Am I supposed to be able to use a drone to pick up/knock over the cup that's placed on the note in the reception area? I tried for so long... I ended up brute forcing the first two digits of maintenance panel 2, which was less than fun.

And I couldn't find anything interesting in the closet (would be funny to bring some lamps to Milford, he wants more lamps!)

So yeah I spent way too much time playing this, but I loved it :D

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Just click the preview inside a node. If you want to export the final result of the thing, use the last (rightmost) node (the one that has no connections coming out of it, only connections going in).

Once you've clicked the preview inside a node, a big file explorer will pop up, select the folder in which to save, and type in a filename in the textbox at the top, below the line that shows the folder path. There is no text cursor, so it's hard to know you can type in there. AND don't forget to add .png at the end of the filename!

Then click the little save icon to the right of that textbox, which will save it but won't indicate that it did. I think it should then close the file explorer if it's saved. If there is an existing file by the same name, it'll turn the filename red, and if you click the save icon again, it'll overwrite the existing file.

If you don't want to save, you can close the file explorer thing with the little X above the save icon.

It's kind of a UI nightmare.

Hello! Nice little tool, but the user interface could really use some hints.

It's sad that I had to come here just to find out how to export, and even then it's far from obvious (I suspect @Superdeadspace had the same problem, and received no response in 66 days?) - I click the tile image in the last node (why?), type in a filename, but I have to type ".png" at the end??? A text cursor would be nice too, when there is a textbox to type in.

Basically the whole interface feels a bit.. arcane, like it expects me to know everything its developer thought of.

Really cool experience, I love flying around! Especially loving the effects on colliding with trees :)

But I can't play this without a total freeze every several minutes... after which I have to kill the process. No idea what causes it, but the last time it froze right after pressing space and shift almost simultaneously (space quickly after releasing shift, i think).

Anyways, here is my output log if that helps, there is something about mono's security framework (?)

Is it possible to do any kind of advanced search in the store?

For instance, how do I search for a keyword within Game Assets? Going to and typing in the search bar yields a bunch of games, not assets. Putting "asset" next to the keyword doesn't guarantee anything, it just searches for any of the two words... please help.