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damn, im looking forward for it

well i wish for staff recruitment and trading center, oh and an expansive world so we can build like a branch in it


Exception: Cant remove 10 of Metal as it doesn't exist
  at Game.Objects.Items.ItemContainer.Remove (Game.Objects.Items.ItemType _itemType, System.Int32 _amount) [0x00092] in C:\Users\Taz\Space Architect\Assets\Scripts\Objects\Item\ItemContainer.cs:185 
  at Game.Objects.Items.ItemContainer.Remove (Game.Objects.Items.ItemStack stack) [0x00001] in C:\Users\Taz\Space Architect\Assets\Scripts\Objects\Item\ItemContainer.cs:167 
  at Game.Station.Device.DeviceBuild.HandleSupplyingFinished (System.Object sender, System.EventArgs e) [0x00037] in C:\Users\Taz\Space Architect\Assets\Scripts\Station\Device\Base\DeviceBuild.cs:118 
  at (wrapper delegate-invoke) <Module>.invoke_void_Job_EventArgs(Game.Jobs.Job,System.EventArgs)
  at Game.Jobs.Job.CallFinished () [0x00001] in C:\Users\Taz\Space Architect\Assets\Scripts\Jobs\Base\Job.cs:172 
  at Game.Jobs.Job.Execute (Unit _unit) [0x0009f] in C:\Users\Taz\Space Architect\Assets\Scripts\Jobs\Base\Job.cs:134 
  at UnitJob.Act () [0x00001] in C:\Users\Taz\Space Architect\Assets\Scripts\Station\Unit\UnitJob.cs:29 
  at Unit.Update () [0x0003b] in C:\Users\Taz\Space Architect\Assets\Scripts\Station\Unit\Unit.cs:85 
(Filename: C:/Users/Taz/Space Architect/Assets/Scripts/Objects/Item/ItemContainer.cs Line: 185)

yup this happen again

damn it look dope

thank you!!!

Exception: Cant cancel reserve free space
  at Game.Objects.Items.ItemContainer.CancelReserveFreeSpace (System.Single maxAmountToStore) [0x00025] in C:\Users\Taz\Space Architect\Assets\Scripts\Objects\Item\ItemContainer.cs:212 
  at Game.Jobs.Activities.ActivityStoreResources.Executed (Unit _unit) [0x000d8] in C:\Users\Taz\Space Architect\Assets\Scripts\Jobs\Activities\ActivityStoreResources.cs:64 
  at Game.Jobs.Activities.Activity.Execute (Unit _unit) [0x000c4] in C:\Users\Taz\Space Architect\Assets\Scripts\Jobs\Activities\Activity.cs:75 
  at Game.Jobs.Job.Execute (Unit _unit) [0x00041] in C:\Users\Taz\Space Architect\Assets\Scripts\Jobs\Base\Job.cs:109 
  at UnitJob.Act () [0x00001] in C:\Users\Taz\Space Architect\Assets\Scripts\Station\Unit\UnitJob.cs:29 
  at Unit.Update () [0x0003b] in C:\Users\Taz\Space Architect\Assets\Scripts\Station\Unit\Unit.cs:84 
(Filename: C:/Users/Taz/Space Architect/Assets/Scripts/Objects/Item/ItemContainer.cs Line: 212)

oh yeah and somehow the unit ignored the thing i want to build so yeah... y'know what to do (0.12.6 btw)

Thank you i just got really panic when they stop working

Great game you deserve more btw

yeahhhh how to increrase the unit? i got puzzled and i cant do nothing since they will stop working when the reach age 50 - 58

i can't understand about the attract citizens to the radio tower. can someone explain this to me about how to do it?