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Exception: Cant cancel reserve free space
  at Game.Objects.Items.ItemContainer.CancelReserveFreeSpace (System.Single maxAmountToStore) [0x00025] in C:\Users\Taz\Space Architect\Assets\Scripts\Objects\Item\ItemContainer.cs:212 
  at Game.Jobs.Activities.ActivityStoreResources.Executed (Unit _unit) [0x000d8] in C:\Users\Taz\Space Architect\Assets\Scripts\Jobs\Activities\ActivityStoreResources.cs:64 
  at Game.Jobs.Activities.Activity.Execute (Unit _unit) [0x000c4] in C:\Users\Taz\Space Architect\Assets\Scripts\Jobs\Activities\Activity.cs:75 
  at Game.Jobs.Job.Execute (Unit _unit) [0x00041] in C:\Users\Taz\Space Architect\Assets\Scripts\Jobs\Base\Job.cs:109 
  at UnitJob.Act () [0x00001] in C:\Users\Taz\Space Architect\Assets\Scripts\Station\Unit\UnitJob.cs:29 
  at Unit.Update () [0x0003b] in C:\Users\Taz\Space Architect\Assets\Scripts\Station\Unit\Unit.cs:84 
(Filename: C:/Users/Taz/Space Architect/Assets/Scripts/Objects/Item/ItemContainer.cs Line: 212)

oh yeah and somehow the unit ignored the thing i want to build so yeah... y'know what to do (0.12.6 btw)

It slowly become my little nightmare, but I have next idea to check :D I'll keep you posted with an update tomorrow (I hope)

I've redesigned small part of code and it seems it's patched up now
I didn't experienced this bug while testing up to cycle 26 (that's basically this number in top left corner of the game UI)

Planning to do more testing tomorrow, but you can already try it out in 0.12.8 :)

thank you!!!