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I need some time to think if I'll continue to release on For the moment v0.18.0 is available only on Steam.

The game is out on Steam :)

It's slowly happening :) Currently I'm less active here due to focusing on releasing it via Steam, so finger crossed there :)

As I'm back at developing the game, expect update with quest system soon-ish.
I've already have a working prototype:

I've released new update with fix for price calculation in trade panel :)

ok, I'll look into first one, but I need you to elaborate a bit more about second one, what didn't worked exactly? :)

Yup, a bit :D Quite sad that one is no longer developed... It's probably one of the reasons I've chosen this genre for my game :D

Thanks :)

Actually, power section is empty, power management will come in future update :)
But you're right, I need to fix it, so it show as empty :)

You can find fuel production plant in Production (or maybe it was called Fabrication?) tab :)

Minor fix to Trade UI is coming soon, along with replacing Mining Lasers with Mining Drones

It's done, trade update is here!

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I'm planning to release Trade update this weekend :)

Sneak peak of trade panel:

I'm planning on higher engagement via discord :) So please, find me there!

Early preview of new item visual, using Storage device:

Visitor is getting some much needed visual polish alongside backend code refinement in preparation for getting more logic.
What do you thing about updated look?

v0.14 will bring more interactions with those folks, that's unit recruitment (already implemented) and trade (selling unnecessary goods, getting needed ones).

I'd like to put some variation in visitor intentions, so that you'll be visited by traders, explorers, military vessels or tourists,  all of them with different needs and stuff to offer.

It's slowly coming together :)

Sneak peak of units panel with recrutation section:

Basically, you'll got recruit from visiting ships. The more units you have the more ships need to visit your station before new recruit appears.

What would you wish to see in it in the future? :)

It'll be released in 0.13.2 :)

Game will be muted when paused, but not when alt+tabbed, in case if someone want to play in windowed mode while doing other things.

It's done :) You can now set limit on each minned resource

First version is almost here, I need to iron out few bugs first.

After a week of binging on Factorio I'm back :) Expect save mechanism update soon :)

I still can't decide how I want to tackle getting new staff, It will be bound to $$ in this way or another for sure :)

For the moment I'm postponing any bigger feature (except of save mechanism) and focussing on adding some needed polish - like teaching units to get all resources from miner, now they make a journey for each of item type separetely

Glad to hear that :)

Oh I remember the pain I had with restoring references between saved objects in previous game I made (Pixel Pirates 3D) :D
Just like you said, I'm making it simple and  may leave it that way with a bit of storytelling:

'You're not loading the game, but moving through time and space, generating energy blast wherever you happen to appear. Everyone there stops in confusion'

Going back to progress I made - I have already saving of station grid (build modules & trusses), mining settings  and units. Before releasing first version I wish to add saving of devices (with their content), planned constructions, earned cash and current cycle.

Second release will have asteroids, contracts & visitors

Glad you mentioned that, it will be added after save/load mechanism i'm currently working on :) 

Also, I'll alter drag'n'drop, it's plain bad atm.

It's done :)
As of v0.12.11 unit will still wait, but instead of dying he will do what he must on the floor.
All units in range of 3 tiles will get disguisted by that fact and have temporary debuff to movement speed. (In the future that would be replaced with debuff to happines/morale, but that one doesn't exist yet)

Ok, so here's how they will act soon :)

So, I'll adjust units so they will not take jobs requiring them to wait for something. 
Also, units will get temporary statuses affecting their stats. So, units will be able to hold IT in for longer, but they will get debufs to walking speed & device operation speed, then if they'll still not be able to relieve themselves, instead of dying, they will leave THE PACKAGE (wherever they'd be standing if inside, or filling in their suit if outside), getting massive debuff for himself  (shame on you, Unit) and moderate debuff for anyone passing by what's left, untill it's cleared.
All of those debuffs will wear of with time.

I'll deal with it this week (I hope :D)

Fix done, you can find it in 0.12.10 :)

Preview of how it will look after upcoming update :)

love it :D

In preparation for save/load (my goal for 0.13.0) I'm reworking hull & floor. Now, floors have to be on and surrounded by hull. After the changes :

  • hull will be replaced with truss - not pressurized space, steel beams in fact keeping your base together.
  • floor will be replaced with pressurized module - it need to be placed on truss, but that's it.
  • both will get visual rework

It would allow for clean & nimble looking stations. Trusses will be still in use after introducing concepts of power & temperature to station :)

I'm almost sure unit construction problem you've experienced is bound to some item transporting logic. I've ironed out some of bugs that might have appear there, not sure if all of them. Job management also got  some improvements, let's see what new will pop up  :)

I've redesigned small part of code and it seems it's patched up now
I didn't experienced this bug while testing up to cycle 26 (that's basically this number in top left corner of the game UI)

Planning to do more testing tomorrow, but you can already try it out in 0.12.8 :)

It slowly become my little nightmare, but I have next idea to check :D I'll keep you posted with an update tomorrow (I hope)

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This part of code is just my prototyping/lazy programming left for later :D I've wanted to base it on event instead of leaving it in update, but forgot about it when preparing actual event :/

Adding your suggestions (with exception for foreach, just for readability sake) and moving it to be based on event it now looks and perform a lot better :)

void Start()
    sectionLines = GetComponent<PanelSectionLines>();
    title = transform.Find("Title").GetComponentInChildren<TextMeshProUGUI>();
    StationContent.Instance.OnContentChanged += HandleStationContentChanged;
private void HandleStationContentChanged(StationContent _stationContent)
    ItemContainer container = _stationContent.GetContainer();
    title.text = string.Format("Items {0:0} / {1:0}", container.CapacityUsed, container.Capacity); 
    foreach (ItemStack stack in container.Items)
       sectionLines.Set(Lang.ITEM_TYPE[stack.Type], string.Format("{0} {1:##}", Lang.ITEM_TYPE[stack.Type], stack.Amount));

Actually, I didn't even noticed have its own app for that, So I packed the game up myself :D I'll take a look at it later :)

It affected both existing devices and planned constructions, fix is done and will be released in next update :)

Did you had components in two storages?

In a situation when device requires for example 10 components and you have like 5 in one storage and 5 in another transport job was not able to arrange itself (problem existed for stack less than 100 kg).

I'm adding handling of that exact situation in next update, I've stumbled upon it while building DockPort :D 

For rapid prototyping those worked awesome for me :) I didn't aimed at having a lot of unit tests yet, nor did they gave me too much of a trouble so far, so I didn't invested much time into finding other solutions. Most of them (if not all) are used as a sort of API by various systems, so I need easy access to them. Do you think switching to service locator pattern will be a good enough choice?

It seems it will allow me to use dummy classes for unit tests and have control over when they're instantiated