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yeahhhh how to increrase the unit? i got puzzled and i cant do nothing since they will stop working when the reach age 50 - 58

Hey kimio221!
For the moment there is no way to gain new units, but also, there aren't any age related limitation, so what you've experienced is most probably a bug. 
I've solved similar one in v0.12.5, so if you're already running it, please send me error log from "%appdata%/../LocalLow/Tazoru/SpaceArchitect"

I hope to add a way to get new units within a month, I'm also starting work on game save mechanism :)

Thank you i just got really panic when they stop working

Great game you deserve more btw


Btw. I'll have to look again into this bug, I resolved one cause but it still pops up from time to time :/