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The Katawa Shoujo torrent file in the images folder is almost as funny as any of the other funny bits in the VN.

Short and sweet.

Yes, I was describing "I Can't Believe..." in my last comment.

This was so sweet and heartwarming to read. I love how teasing Hana is and that Hinata occasionally turns the tables on her with it. I'll definitely be checking out other releases.

Thanks for the recommendation! It was very sweet and heartwarming and kept going longer than I thought it would. Will definitely look at other games by that same studio.

I feel guilty that this is not "pay what you want" free as I would like to pay a little something.

I enjoyed this VN. Besides the missing voices which was mentioned in the update, why does the Extras option go to Preferences?

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It is criminal that is only $0.00 and there's not even a "Name your own price" option. This was an incredible effort for only a month's work (and helps I got the Super Good End on the first run). I'll be "buying" My Girlfriend is a Demon for extra to make up for this.

I got most of the endings, but I'm missing 5 and 10.