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Oh, okay. Good to know then. Even though it said to stay tuned for more endings, I wasn't sure it was the other episode since it was only a few minutes. Looking forward to the future!

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"Two Episodes... Episode Mafuyu"

Am I missing something? I have 5 endings from Amy [Spoilers] (One's T..., Paper P..., Two's L..., P..b..k, My S....). I did the 3rd option for my wish that involved time. I did the heart option underneath A. 1 + 999 = ???. I've gone through every option from the beginning or Amy's Choice and I can't find anything else new.

I assume there's supposed to be a B. option at some point and/or more in the Extra menu than just the Music Room and Amy?

Just for the sake of completion, was Turkish accidentally removed? I saw it was added in a previous update, but I don't see it as an option in v2.5.
Also, selecting any language besides English makes all the other languages disappear (or turn black?) making it harder to switch back or to another.

Can I get a download link, please?

Leaving comments per your Twitter post from a few days ago (half feedback, half bug reports):


  • The art looks fantastic. Characters, BGs and the CG.
  • I'm all over Riley. Her character and VO are great. Henry, less so. He's just so "blah". Riley's volume is fine, but Henry is too quiet, requiring me to lower the music to hear him better.
  • Definitely not a fan of NVL instead of ADV (probably the only real thing I can think of warding people off for views vs. downloads). NVL just makes me think of old VNs and they greatly block the Visual part of VN.
  • Far as the story goes... eh. Unfortunately, can't really explain much more besides my opinions on the characters and that outside of Riley's accident, nothing really got me hooked.
  • My enjoyment was a bit hampered by the number of text bugs I encountered.


  • Several lines are partially cut off until you see the next lines of text (any time 4+ lines are shown at once)
  • "Damm, it's blocked." -> "Damn"
    "Hey! Though you said..." -> "Hey! Thought you said..."
  • Inheritance lawyer - Short text response - overlapping text that goes off screen
    Henry chops the wood himself - overlapping text that goes off screen
    She never screams, not loudly - overlapping text
    Henry looks towards his hatchet choice -> overlapping text
  • "The doctor said bed-rest. Best listen to her." - Not voiced (in the bad ending)
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I know it's entirely pointless to point out bugs to this, nor do I expect them to be fixed, but they do somewhat undermine the game's difficulty. Fun diversion besides that though.

The only way I could lose was being attacked by an enemy. I can shoot until 219 BPM. When I shoot once more, it gets kicked backwards to 217 BPM where it just stays regardless of shooting more.
Spacebar combines both Z and X commands at once, which seems unintended.

Man, this was a super gnarly read. And definitely did not end how I expected... wow. There needs to be more VNs like this and/or I read too many slice of life that I consider this to be a break.

Sidenote as I don't have any other place to put this: Why are only half of your games on your creator page ( versus all 21 (or at least a lot more) on your profile page (

I was wondering when the sexual content was going to come into play in the last 1/3 considering the circumstances, but it worked out in the end. Tears were shed once done. This was so lovely.

Now don't mind me as I peruse your previous works...

Pressing V will toggle the self-voicing feature. Though I'd highly recommend playing through the Story Mode difficulty where it's just a VN instead of Casual/Normal with the RPG elements. I only briefly checked it out with voices, but the crafting menu and any items that can be picked up in the field aren't voiced and require mouse clicks to interact with. And keeping track of people's HP/MP is not fun by voice.

Please tell me the 3rd game will be localized at some point. This series is so good, and I love Satomi.

Damn, was definitely hoping there was more to the game than just 1 scene per woman. Enjoyable, nonetheless.

Gina is best woman with Elizabeth close behind.

Yes, I did enjoy Model as much as I did Love Goes Toward Love. Mayhap because adults are more relatable for me. Tiny nod for Montagne Coffee and its hot barista doesn't hurt either. I can agree that seeing more days would've been better, but obviously time and budget restricts what's possible. Even so, I spent the most time on this VN versus previous ones. And even though we all know who it'll end, my heart still wrenched for Akane when Aoi described her relationship to Midori.

I had the same exact reaction Aoi had to that last CG: immediate nosebleed. Just speechless.

This was sooo good. Maybe it was a simpler story, but once Juri and Romi started talking after formally introducing themselves, I was hooked and finished it all in 1 session.

I think 1 key thing I really liked was that since Juri and Romi can't see each other during the day (for the most part), they always had to plan to meet or do something outside of work. This leads to different situations which leads to more varied conversations. And I don't know why/how, but the story flowed quite well and is evenly paced. Maybe simply more text between the women making it seem like the love at least took a little longer to form than previous games. I do believe this is my new favorite.

Unless Model, Not A Maid replaces it, lol. Then I'll be all caught up and waiting for this year's entry.

PS. I'd pay good money for that possible R18 scene... especially if it got made for Secret Satiation. Lady vampire...

This game was so cute! And those cats match the girls to a T. I haven't read the 2 most recent releases yet, but One's Lonesome is easily on par with Most Popular Girl in terms of quality. Loved the bonus doodles at the end and the little extra bits in the notebook while they were studying. I've always been a bit annoyed with text errors from the previous games, so I appreciate there were pretty much none here from what I could tell.


The Katawa Shoujo torrent file in the images folder is almost as funny as any of the other funny bits in the VN.

Short and sweet.

Yes, I was describing "I Can't Believe..." in my last comment.

This was so sweet and heartwarming to read. I love how teasing Hana is and that Hinata occasionally turns the tables on her with it. I'll definitely be checking out other releases.

Thanks for the recommendation! It was very sweet and heartwarming and kept going longer than I thought it would. Will definitely look at other games by that same studio.

I feel guilty that this is not "pay what you want" free as I would like to pay a little something.

I enjoyed this VN. Besides the missing voices which was mentioned in the update, why does the Extras option go to Preferences?

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It is criminal that is only $0.00 and there's not even a "Name your own price" option. This was an incredible effort for only a month's work (and helps I got the Super Good End on the first run). I'll be "buying" My Girlfriend is a Demon for extra to make up for this.

I got most of the endings, but I'm missing 5 and 10.