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Thank you so much for reading! I am really happy that this story was able to communicate something to you. I hope to be able to create more stories like this!

Thank you for playing!

thanks for reading it! And happy that you enjoyed your time with it!

Sorry but this is outdated, a lot of people reported bugs with the use of the controller so I had to remove it entirely, only way to play with a controller right now is by using special software that remaps keystrokes to a controller, but I'm not the best person to ask about this honestly. Otherwise it should be played with a keyboard, I think it is doable though as the game only uses three buttons

sure, you are welcome to!

Thanks for pointing these out!

Hello, thanks for reading, I'm happy that you found it an interesting read! I don't have most of my games on there cause they are very old and I don't like them as much anymore

thanks for playing! Happy that you enjoyed it!

thanks for reading it! I am happy that you enjoyed it!

Well I'm happy that you can at least play it! It's weird though cause the whole game was developed in firefox, so I'd guess it would work better out of the two, but who knows what happened.

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download and web versions are exactly the same, so it's weird there are differences. And if you set the framerate to 60 ideally it would need to fix the bug if that was the cause, but since it doesn't I'm really not sure what the cause could be honestly. I'm sorry that this problem came up and ruined the experience for you.

Do you have by chance another pc or laptop you could test it on?

EDIT:also, what browser are you using? This game was designed to be played with Chrome or Firefox, other browsers may not work properly

It's definitely a bug, technically one should be able to complete the whole game without getting hit once. 

I have no idea what the cause could be though. Do you have by chance a screen refresh rate higher than 60hz? Or some other thing that could affect the game's framerate

Thanks for playing!

Great! Thanks for playing!

No you can lose a few

Added, thanks for playing!

yeah I know, that unfortunately is something related to how browsers work, i could fix that but since this is a small jam game I made a long time ago I don't think it would be worth it. It is also why I ask for videos and not just screenshots for the top 10

Thank you for playing, and congrats on getting the good ending! And I'm really sorry about the bug, it's fixed now (it wasn't here before, I think it slipped in as I worked on the standalone version)

I think the game is complete as it is for what I wanted it to do, so it won't be expanded further, it would spoil the experience. But I'm definitely looking forward to making more games soon!

Grazie mille per aver letto la storia! Sono molto contento che ti sia piaciuta!

Thank you for playing!

Happy that you could reach it! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing!!!


Happy that you like it!

Hello! Thanks for submitting but I need a video to post it on the leaderboards

Well done! Added

Added, thanks for playing!

Hello, I just added WASD + spacebar controls, let me know if it works better for you!

Thank you for reading! And merry christmas! 

Thank you for reading! And I'm happy it was able to give something to you!

Thanks for reading, and I'm happy you enjoyed it! (I hope)

Good job! Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much for playing the game! I loved watching through your playthrough!

Thank you for playing!!!

Thanks for playing :) Happy that you like it!

Good job Ony!!!

thank you so much for playing! Really happy that you enjoyed your time with it!

Well I'm relieved to know that! Thanks for the donation, it is immensely appreciated!

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I'm really sorry to hear that, I believe that this wasn't the best visual novel for you then. Sorry for making you feel uncomfortable...