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do you have a video of what is going on? Have you tried disabling ad blockers and script blockers?

hello, to start the tutorial you have to click on the door handle on the right, after that you can play the game normally

I think that if the story makes you project a meaning onto it, then it was a successful story! And any meaning you put on it is constrained by the events of the story itself. So the interpretations you get to are actually guided by the plot and characters combined with your personal experience. And since everyone's experience is different, there will be different emotional reactions and ways to see the story.

When I wrote this I only had an emotion to guide me through it, and that was what I wanted to come through

I think that's a good interpretation! Although I didn't really have a metaphor in mind when I wrote it

happy that you enjoyed it and thanks for the comment! I think everyone should write whatever makes their hearts flutter, and for me it's old fashioned love stories haha

Nice! Thanks for playing!!

Ohh that's great! Thanks for playing, hope you enjoyed it ^^

thanks for playing!

Happy that you like it! And sure, you can play around with the concept if you want
I think I didn't put any limits mostly because I wanted the player to have control over the top speed they can reach

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing ^^

yep haha

thanks for playing ^^

thanks for playing !!

thanks, happy that you liked it!

Thank you, happy that you enjoyed it! The game is rather simple, so doing it in raw js isn't that hard tbh, but you can always check out the source if you want to know how I made it work.

thanks for playing, happy you liked it!

Hey sorry but I have no idea why that might be happening... Only solution I can think would be to try using firefox or chrome to run the game if you are not already

Thank you for playing! I am happy that you liked it!

hi, there should be a log/text file somewhere in the launched program folder, can you link/send it to me? Email is fullmontis as gmail

I'm sorry it ruined your day! 

Thank you for the feedback! Happy that you liked the story! And happy new year!

sounds great!

I am glad that you liked it! And sorry if it made you cry

cool, let me know how it turns out

Not that I'm aware of but if someone wants to create it I don't mind it

Thank you so much for reading! I am really happy that this story was able to communicate something to you. I hope to be able to create more stories like this!

Thank you for playing!

thanks for reading it! And happy that you enjoyed your time with it!

Sorry but this is outdated, a lot of people reported bugs with the use of the controller so I had to remove it entirely, only way to play with a controller right now is by using special software that remaps keystrokes to a controller, but I'm not the best person to ask about this honestly. Otherwise it should be played with a keyboard, I think it is doable though as the game only uses three buttons

sure, you are welcome to!

Thanks for pointing these out!

Hello, thanks for reading, I'm happy that you found it an interesting read! I don't have most of my games on there cause they are very old and I don't like them as much anymore

thanks for playing! Happy that you enjoyed it!

thanks for reading it! I am happy that you enjoyed it!

Well I'm happy that you can at least play it! It's weird though cause the whole game was developed in firefox, so I'd guess it would work better out of the two, but who knows what happened.

(1 edit)

download and web versions are exactly the same, so it's weird there are differences. And if you set the framerate to 60 ideally it would need to fix the bug if that was the cause, but since it doesn't I'm really not sure what the cause could be honestly. I'm sorry that this problem came up and ruined the experience for you.

Do you have by chance another pc or laptop you could test it on?

EDIT:also, what browser are you using? This game was designed to be played with Chrome or Firefox, other browsers may not work properly

It's definitely a bug, technically one should be able to complete the whole game without getting hit once. 

I have no idea what the cause could be though. Do you have by chance a screen refresh rate higher than 60hz? Or some other thing that could affect the game's framerate

Thanks for playing!

Great! Thanks for playing!