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Thank you so much for playing and for the video! The feedback you gave is probably some of the best I've received so far, it was very useful. Looking at your channel maybe you could take a look at my other game Fallen Girl too, it's a creepy pixel art platformer and it seems to be something you would enjoy!

Well done :D

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing, happy that you enjoyed your time with it!

Thanks for the offer! Send me an email so that we can reman in contact, you can find my address on my website

Thank you so much for your comment batrudi, and don't worry about not commenting before! I'm happy to know that this story was able to communicate something to you, it pays back all the effort I put into the story. I hope that I can give you other stories like this in the future!

Sorry about that, I updated the version but forgot to make it downloadable again. Try it now

Thank you so much!!!

The version of the itch app I'm using is 25.4.1. I'm currently on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

The game runs perfectly fine when run from a browser, but if I play through the app is extremely slow and completely unplayable. Which is odd because the game runs perfectly through the app in windows, and the game itself is very light. I suppose there must be some problem in the version of the html5 wrapper used by the app that kills the performance. I think that's the cause because I've never had a similar kind of performance problem with anything else I've downloaded through the app.

I'm sorry to hear that! What didn't you like about it?

I'm always happy to see someone completing it, good job! Glad you liked it!

Happy that you liked it :)

You are welcome!

Thank you! Sorry about no downloadable version... A lot of people have been requesting it so I will be working on it soon, hopefully

Thanks for reminding me, it's actually I wanted to add for quite a while and forgot to. I added it to the downloads, and here is the YouTube link! Hope you like it!

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Thank you! I'm actually making a longer, more fleshed out version atm :)

Glad you liked it :)

Grazie per il commento, sono contento che ti sia piaciuto!

Thank you for playing it!

Sorry about that, it was not designed to be used with a phone...

Thanks! Happy that you enjoyed your time with it!

Thank you so much for your hearty comment! I am really happy it could give you so much :)

Thank you for reading :)

To me she overcame a hard challenge and deserved a reward, so she got healed

I uploaded a new build, can you check if it works now?

Happy to hear that, congrats!

Thanks :)

It seems there is some problem with the itch app not recognizing the files, I will need to check it out. In the meantime you could download the files directly, they should work fine that way

That is very odd, are you on Windows? The game should just launch without having to install. Are you using the itch app? 

Thanks for the video :D

Thank you!

Glad you like it :)

Thank you!

Happy you liked it :)

Ok, thanks!

Is there going to be a theme announced at the start of the jam, or the the theme is free?

Ack, I have to fix that... Do you remember how you did that?

No sorry, the files don't work offline