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Hi everyone!

Two years ago we released a free browser game called Wizard's Way Out right here on! 

I'm super proud to say that the improved premium version is now available, and it comes with a Steam key! 

👉 👈

Push, Pull and puzzle your way out of a magical prison in Wizard's Way Out!


 After hearing a voice from a well, an underachieving Wizard trips and falls into its depths. Deep underground awaits a forgotten prison, and the only way out is to get past the slumbering guards.

You Can't Do This:

  • You can't teleport
  • You can't throw fireballs
  • You kinda suck at the whole Wizard thing

You Can Do This:

  • You can Push things away from you!
  • You can Pull things toward you!
  • You have an awesome Ratbug best friend you just met!

And You Do It Like This:

  • Simple mouse controls!
  • A bunch of levels that will squeeze your brain!
  • Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay that will test your logic!
  • Full controller support, for maximum comfy couch puzzle action!
  • Deal with the slumbering guards before they wake up!

So you flunked out of Wizard College. And sure, you fell into a well because you heard a strange voice and lost your balance. But that won't stop you this time. This time you will succeed.

Thank you! We're very glad you had fun with our weird little game!

If you feel like playing something similar we have released another puzzle game with similar mechanics 

Games are free, but include payed soundtracks, wallpapers and discord sticker/emojis.

Hi everyone!

We just wrapped up our second game, and first made in Godot Engine:

It's a short puzzle game about what happens after  life ends, end microbes take over. Give it a try and leave us a review! You can also read more details about the process in our release devlog:

Hi everyone! We just pushed the big Release button on Wizard's Way Out 

It is a puzzle game about an underachieving Wizard who accidentally falls into a well. Deep underground awaits a forgotten prison, and the only way out is to go through the slumbering guards. With the help of a trusty Ratbug sidekick you must use your limited telekinetic knowledge to push and pull your way out of the darkness and return to the surface.

We made the game as a fun side-project to our day-jobs so it's available for free! 

Title Screen
Push objects into guards!

Push guards into guards!