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Games are free, but include payed soundtracks, wallpapers and discord sticker/emojis.

Hi everyone!

We just wrapped up our second game, and first made in Godot Engine:

It's a short puzzle game about what happens after  life ends, end microbes take over. Give it a try and leave us a review! You can also read more details about the process in our release devlog:

Hi everyone! We just pushed the big Release button on Wizard's Way Out 

It is a puzzle game about an underachieving Wizard who accidentally falls into a well. Deep underground awaits a forgotten prison, and the only way out is to go through the slumbering guards. With the help of a trusty Ratbug sidekick you must use your limited telekinetic knowledge to push and pull your way out of the darkness and return to the surface.

We made the game as a fun side-project to our day-jobs so it's available for free! 

Title Screen
Push objects into guards!

Push guards into guards!