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Hey everyone. This is Kid Thunder Productions, which has been on for about a few months. KTP as of now, is a one-man indie game studio. I have released my first game, Kiberki, a turn-based RPG game which was done with RPG Maker. However, I am trying my best to learn additional engines like Unity since I have a solid interest in creating games of other genres, particularly shoot-em-ups. I am a pixel artist, 2D artist, and a sound engineer (particularly music production). My first game, Kiberki took years to make simply because of play-testing and buying a new PC JUST to continue working on my game as well since I started working on a computer that is years old. Also, there had to be some subtle revisions in the writing. I initially started the Kiberki project while I was attending school for game development and was partaking in other activities outside of working on my game. Sadly, Kiberki was in development hell, but in August 2015, I started back on this project and completed it within 2+ years.

As for industry standards, or simply being an indie developer, I am literally a generalist. However, I find myself a bit stronger in 2D art/pixel art as opposed to 3D, which the most I can do is vehicles and environments. As for my sound engineering capabilities, I am a chiptune musician and I mainly write 8-bit and 16-bit tunes.

I'm wondering whatever game I create here, they can be distributed, right?