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It makes me nervous when a game description says "more soon" because that makes me think the game isn't complete.  Is this a fully playable game as-is?

Are there ever going to be more community copies of this game?  $20 is a lot of money on my disability and I've been checking regularly for months and months without ever seeing any available community copies.  Should I just stop checking?  I'm feeling like it's not worth spending the time checking up on this.

Thanks in advance for any reply

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"I'm a designer of colour who wrote this game to invite other BIPOC to explore vampirism without the stereotypical constraints prevalent in white vampire traditions. Please play the game with this intention in mind."

Seriously?  Don't you think that people who give you money for your game should be able to play it any way they want?  If you want to tell people how they should play the game, you should be giving it away for free.  Once you accept money for it, it's not your game anymore.  It belongs to the person who paid for it.

However, beyond that complaint, I do think a game focusing on bipoc vampires is a really cool idea so I'm not being totally critical.  

The ironic thing about a RPG about comic books focusing on marginalized people is that while it's "problematic" to say it, everyone really knows that Marvel and DC are going bankrupt precisely because they chose to stop producing classic hero stories and focus on social engineering stories instead, exactly what this RPG seems to be about.

Is this quickstart enough to play the game?

Last update over 6 months ago, has this game been abandoned?

I really hope this game is satire and it isn't truly so lacking in self awareness that it misses the irony of demonizing and violently opposing people that the game itself says are clean cut well dressed non-violent people who disavow fascism. 

Awesome game.  It's great in these polarized times to see someone who can poke fun at things instead of taking everything life-and-death seriously.

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I didn't get it here, I got it and much more on drivethru because I prefer their library system but I thought this would be a more appropriate place for the message since you said you considered this like your blog.  I am on drivethru.  I don't know if you can search by name there but if you can I think you'll see I'm a very loyal customer of yours!

First of all I want to say Sharps of the Knife looks great, congratulations on what looks like your most impressive project yet!  Now, the bad news - it seems this is a straight up upgrade of Knife XE, especially given that Knife XE isn't for sale anymore.  We expect to see games get new editions over time, but in this case it's only been 3 months.  If it had been a year or two, no big deal but it's hard not to feel a little ripped off when a longer, colorful, more fleshed out version of a game I bought in March comes out in June. 

I got double charged for this bundle: Lucas Rolim Bundle by Lucas Rolim -

Why can't this be purchased?

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How about resisting & remembering communism?  We are far closer to a communist dictatorship than we are to a fascist one, but for some reason the left these days considers communists warm & fuzzy, despite communism being responsible for more deaths than anything else in the history of the planet

This is not to say that we shouldn't keep a watchful eye out against becoming too far right wing, it's just frustrating as a politically centrist gamer to see a FLOOD of anti-fascist stuff out there and nothing about the evils of communism.

The obvious sexual reference in the game title is wholly inappropriate in a game that is clearly meant to attract children.

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Just because you may think X-Cards are a good idea, doesn't mean everyone does and doesn't make their outrage fake.  The X-Card exists precisely because different people have different opinions.  The inevitable result of that, is that some people won't like the X-Card.  I don't personally care one way or the other about the X-Card, but it struck me as unfair to label their outrage fake.

Now the download button for the steamkey says "Preorder" and is grayed out, cannot click it.

I got a text file called steamkey and when I opened it, it contained this:

Thank you for your purchase!
Let's activate the key on Steam. It will be easyer to manage update for the PvP

That's it.  Where's the actual key???