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Sorry, my game jam dosen’t show result, please help me to fix this problem, thx.

我的名字打錯啦 QQ

我的名字打錯啦 QQ

我的名字打錯啦 QQ

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My jam can’t see result, there show “The results are not available yet, come back later”.Please help me fixed this probliem, thanks.

Game jam link:

That was a good advice!

The enemies was too weak. I’ll think more about the enemies strong and weak.

I spend to much time for the random system, so that was not very rich for my level.

Thanks for your advice.

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Finally became the last day. According to Devtober rule I must to write a postmortem.

Today I finish my planning on schedule. Finish story setting when game over.

First let talk about can continue in this game jam.

Really like my constraint at first. I update progress and write devlog everyday. This is my most reward in this activity. That was fully sense of accomplishment in this game jam.

Than was can improve item.

That was not enough detail for my planning in the begin. It was that I need to increase skill.

In addition that was so many bug in this project, because of the time for the limit, those bug just in my to do list.

Above was postmortem for KID. And hope you can play my game in Devtober and give some feedback and rate.

Thx. :D

Game Page:

Today I has no time to handle my project.

So I just add skip button and final story effect.

I finished opening story.

And I add enemy art in my game,

than fixed some small bug. :P

I added opening story before start menu.

Because enemy attack look like push-up,

so I added particle system when enemy attack,

the final result look a little better. :P

Finally I finish enemy art.

I feel the enemy walk animation was so cute. :D

I draw and set enemy attack animation.

But I don’t know why look like enemy doing push-up. XD

Design enemy was so funny.

Final I design my enemy conform to my topic creepy.

So my enemy look just so ugly.

Today I join another game jam, so I has no time to work on my project.

But Finally!!!

I finish my player art.

Today I finish player idle art, contain front, back and side.

Ten days left, I planned start design art.

At the first I draw my main character, cute boy.

Today I only draw idle front animation like picture.

It was my second time draw pixel style art, so difficult but so funny.

I use text to show player data, include attack, attack interval and show HP below character.

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Today I added BGM and SFX.

I create an audio manager to manage all SFX in game.

Final I create the copyright in menu.

I add level manager to manage level.

When you died it will show failed view, but pass level will show go to next map view.

Every level pass will add enemy count.

Today I added chest content, when open chest will show up chest content.

Chest content use random system, container increase attack, attack interval and hp.

Thanks :) I’ll finish this game. :P

Add minimum map on my screen top right.

I fixed enemy target bug.

Now, enemy track player when player in the same map.

I build a beta version.

I fixed some bug.

  1. Enemy and player collision set no friction.

  2. Map obstacle bug.

I add camera shake effect when player hurt.

Today I’ll go to school look students project.

Than play basketball in Taipei with friend.

So today I just add one small system. :P

Today I add enemy.

Enemy contains animation, track and attack player function.

Than I add hurt system to player and enemy.

Below was my new version.

Today I’m so busy.

So I just add attack system.

Player can use mouse left select target and attack it.


Today I add second mission open chest.

And add URP and 2D light.


Every map has a mission.

First I add push object mission.

Player have to push the object to trigger.


Every map has a door.

Today I create the door for every map.


Finish the random generator map system.

I star to write control and camera system.


Third day I finish the random generator map system.

But still has some bug.


The second day for my random map I just write multiple map.

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First I write my most interesting system map generator.

But I just make a small map.


I add start view with game title and animation.


Second day I draw UML for my project.

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I write my devlog in my game page. Now I move those devlog in this place.


My first day.