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Kick Off World

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swf game won't be update anymore because there's no more support from the browsers, intact actually you can play only on chrome

Also we're actually rewriting the game  so all this small bugs won't be anymore on the upcoming version!

HI, Thanks!!

Thanks for reporting the problem, we're currently rewriting and updating the game so this problem won't be anymore!

hi Dan, we're facing some problem on windows 10, our suggestions are: update you graphic driver and/or use the portable version which works perfectly on every PC on a browser or with flash projector.

hi! The 2016 update is for PC version only, you just need to overwrite the files on the same directories

HI! Thanks a lot! :)

There's not a plan to introduce official support to wireless controller since our development software doesn't support them yet. Probably we'll have a support to those controller anytime soon.

The 2016 team update is for PC versions, latest android version has already the latest update. Soon we'll release an updated version with 2017 teams ;)

Your team should play the same on the each game speed: instant result, fast game, normal speed so it's quite strange to have better results watching the game.

very strange, did u put the sound off? Try click "A" button. Nice the joytokey works for you! We also testing Antimicro to emulate joystick on keyboard key which is 100% open source Probably we'll add it to the game!

hi, you should find the saves on careers folder on windows/linux version. You can't share your android saves actiually but on the next version you'll be able to save everything on the cloud so it'll be available on all devices connected to internet ;) (you'll still able to save it locally)

gamepad on Android are not supported, sorry, you can slow down the game speed and choose an easier ball control though.

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Thanks!!! :) It should already working with all joypads, you can try a software that let the joypad emulate the keyboard like:

We just fixed this problem, if you still can't download Windows version try disable the popup blocker on this website.

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We just updated all versions to 1.1 so you should not have crashes anymore!

We're sorry for what happen but we recommend to use PC/mobile version if you want to start a long career as we don't know where exactly Flash is storing our saves.

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not a true multiplayer yet, first version of our upcoming football game will be inspired to Kick Off 2 Final Whistle & Return to Europe, so to arrange tournaments with teams & tactics created from Player Manager. So we'll be able to arrange tournaments with teams & tactics from multiple players.

it won't be possible to play together with a friend, it'll be a single-player only since it'll be a direct spinoff from our Player Manager game.

If you're going to buy a gamepad, better buy one with at least 2 buttons, otherwise there would be problems!

thanks CaptainD!! We tried to preserve the real spirit form the original game.

We also hope to release a kick Off spinoff soon so to arrange tournaments with Player Manager teams and tactics!

Keep in touch!