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thank you so much!

Hey i haven't touched these packs in years, but you bring up some very good points.

though I'm not entirely sure how other people would want licenses presented, and its proving surprisingly hard to track down examples within other works. if you would like to link or present any examples with your licenses then that would be a great help

Hi! thank you very much!
yes you're absolutely free to use them for your minetest mod

I'm so sorry i forgot to put down the specific license, the most befitting one would be CC-by-sa!

yep you're free to distribute it!

thank you so much, i'm so glad i could inspire you!

The name "Kicked-in-Teeth" is preferred in your credits, however the name "George Fisher" can also be used!

Being pixel art, i would either have to re-draw all of them to fit a 32x32/48x48 scale.
This might be something i would consider but as it is a free asset pack it's not on the top of my to do list

I understand thank you for the sentiment!

Larger sprite testing and practice!
(Chase Young from Xiaolin Showdown)

Adaption of a panel from jojo's bizarre adventure: diamond is unbreakable
Working with a few new techniques and pallets!

8x8 interpretation of kirby's nightmare in dreamland yogurt land hubworld

Commission work the Fangame "Kirby RPG: Nightmare's Conquest"

Commission work for Arxzero

Commission work for Scumbat

Commission work for alcryst RPG

A reworking of the Bio Miracle Upa Tileset with some recolours and extra tiles

Thank you!
Currently Projects that i've worked on are still in development and i'm yet to be in a position that i am at liberty to post them, however when i am i'll be sure to share them here!

Recent commission work with game boy and a CGA pallets!

My name is George, and i go by Kicked-in-teeth!
I am a uk based pixel artist that is creating assets here on
My main experience is web based applications of my work, however i am branching out more and more into game art.

and you can see my full portfolio at:

You can contact me at:

Thank you so much!

Thought i would update with current work!
Foraying into more tileseting on the pico 8

upsized versions here

They look nice so far!
I would have to say that you might consider making the eyes further apart as the whites are not easily picked up by eye, the black skinned sprite looks a bit more readable in the face.
I would also really suggest adding a layer or two of shading as it looks very flat right now.

Thank you, while i don't have any projects i'm working on right now, i'm currently working with a friend and providing art and UI design for a dating sim

So, I've only had a few years of experience with pixel art, and I'm currently trying to break into the gaming side of it
But here is some of my recent work!



I'm on tumblr and Deviant art if you would like to see more of my portfolio

Thank you, yes it can be used for commercial games.