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This was very nice. Really good take on the theme. Great work!!

Cool concept. Art is pretty good too.

I found the movement too confusing. I see that the character moves where it's looking, but without a cursor, it became too confusing when changing directions.

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it. :)

Thanks for playing!

I'll definitely tweak the balance to make it slightly less challenging after the jam.

Thanks for playing! 

Not sure about that bug. Prices keep increasing as you play the game. There is an alert that shows up when that happens, maybe I didn't make it clear enough.

The concept of solving two puzzles simultaneously very good. But I was able to solve all the levels usnig only the second view.  Maybe you can add a condition that the player can't pass through the lasers so that you have to focus on both views.

Excellent game! Loved all the dialogues, characters, their descriptions.

One thing I would suggest is to press a key to skip a dialogue.

This is really great!! This can be made into an excellent mobile game. Loved the changes between day/night and the weather.

One of the mushroom effects wasn't very clear. The magnet one was clear but not the other one.

Great work overall! :)

Great game! The concept of resurrecting fallen comrades and fighting together with them is excellent. The art, sounds, music are good as well.

Attacking felt kinda weird and slow sometimes and most of the time I couldn't attack an enemy without taking a hit myself. Also, In the last part of third level, I was able to run away from enemies and reach the chest without defeating the enemies so you might want to lock the path until all enemies have been defeated.

Great work overall!! :)

Thank you very much for playing!! Glad you liked it. :)

Thank you very much for playing and for the feedback! We'll think about doing something else with the strike sound in the future.

Very fun game. I like how it looks. The music is nice too.

Sometimes, I found it difficult to move to specific scraps because of the camera angle. Also, sometimes I could pass through walls.

Good job overall!! :)

This was very nice and fun. Story, art, sounds were good.

As others have already pointed out, slopes were kinda tricky, but I was able to finish the game though. Also, once "Hold R to reset" text was blocked by some object in the game.

Great job overall!! :)

I meant Enter to reveal the dialog as well. You press enter once, it would reveal the dialog and pressing it again would go to the next one. Shift can be used to speed it up/skipping (or maybe hold enter for that too). Also, if you're keeping WASD for controls, then it'd better to also keep something like Spacebar to reveal/continue so that the game can be easily played with one hand.

Thanks a lot for this!! Glad you liked it. :) 

Changing the strike sound is a great suggestion. We'll definitely think about making it better.

Crate game! ;) Loved the dialogs and the gameplay. However, sometimes I felt like there were too many dialogs.

One small suggestion - use Enter key to end current dialog rather than shift and keep shift to speed up the dialogs.

Good luck with this! :)

Fun game. The art is really good. Sounds and music are good too.

At first glance, the white background looks like empty space without ground where you can't move, so it might be better to use something else for that.

I felt like something's missing in the overall feel. Maybe the cooldown period of attacks is a little longer or maybe the attacks additional feedback.

Great work overall! :)

This is excellent!! Love the soundtrack and the art and all the penguins doing random activities as the game progresses. Great work! :)

Fun game. The art, animations, sounds are really good.

The controls are very confusing. Better to keep W or space for jump since those are way more intuitive than Q. Similarly shift for dash would be better. Also, it's not clear that you can double jump, I was stuck at some platforms trying to jump then realized that I can double jump by accident.

It took me a few tries to realize that I had to press up arrow key multiple times. It's also very confusing when the platform is there visually but not land on it and it gets very annoying in later levels. I have seen a few games like these in which certain platforms just blend in and disappear on changing color so you can't land on them.

But nice work overall. Good luck! :)

Thank you very much for the feedback! We're glad you like it. I get what you mean and we'll definitely work on making that part better.

Nice art and music. Feels very polished.

The levels are too basic right now and I hope you would add some more challenge or puzzles in future levels. Also, I thought the torches in the last level were checkpoints but they're just there and the game just restarted when I died.

Good work overall! Good luck! :)

Fun game. Nice art and good enemy variety.

Player health isn't very clear and it's also not clear when you're losing health. Maybe try adding some effects on taking damage (like some screen shake, transparent red overlay, etc). Also better to make a game over screen or a death animation/effect because the ending feels very abrupt when it just switches back to main menu.

Really nice game. Love the art, dialogs and music.

I found myself lost trying to find the destinations. It got a little annoying later since there would be too many snowmen to fight while trying to find the address. Might be better to give some clue on which direction to go.

Overall great work. Good luck! :)

Fun game. It was kinda hard to keep track of what tasks have been completed so that could be made clearer with sounds on state change or different text color for different states.

Good work overall! :)

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Very nice and polished. Art and the effects are nicely done. I like how dashing also breaks doors.

The bombs take too long to explode so throwing them didn't really work since the enemies kept moving outside the explosion area. Once I did manage to drop the bomb near the enemy, but it didn't do any damage.

Also, at the end it wasn't very clear that I was supposed to collect the gems. Maybe try making them bigger and have an animation on the gem count UI so that it's clearer.

Great work overall! Good luck! :)

This was very fun! Cheese part was a bit difficult, but I was able to make it in a few tries. Art, animations and the overall feel was nice. Great job! :)

Fun game. The score could be changed to something else like distance since it's easy to spam click to increase the score.

Interesting game.  The score can be done better - rather that the number of jumps you can do something like the number of platforms you switch. Variation in music would also be better as you progress. 

Good job overall!

Great game! Really good use of the themes. Art, music, sounds are all great as well. I really liked that you can see the dead body so you don't repeat the same mistakes.

Fun game. The unlearning jump aspect was quite good. The controls did seemed frustrating at first but then I found a cheat by pressing 3 buttons at the same time and the character would always jump. Good work overall!

It'd be better if the input text box was already cleared and selected to quickly put in the answer. Apart from that, it was pretty good. Well done! :)

This is really nice. Love the art and the animations. I like that there are multiple ways to get past the initial area and that you can fly over enemies to not fight them. Good job! :)

One suggestion I have is to make the camera display the platforms when you're flying to know where you're gonna fall. Also, in the later parts the camera doesn't show the platforms which are below the flynosaur which got me thinking if I should jump down or if there was another way.

This is an excellent concept! This can actually be a really good VR game.

One suggestion I had was to maybe have the mouse move the camera without "pausing" the console.

Had a minor camera issue in which the reticle wasn't at the center, so picking up objects was a little awkward sometimes.

Great work! :)

This is really good! Loved all the levels. Introduction for new mechanics is clear as well. Great job!

Love the visuals and the feel of the game. It's very well polished. 

The time between waves could be reduced. Sometimes, after defeating a few enemies I spent running around waiting for something to happen. Some kind of score system would be nice to keep players coming back to beat the high score. Also, I kept falling off the edges quite often :(.

Good job overall! :)

This was nice and my loved one said yes! I didn't notice any gameplay difference between the 3 shapes. Maybe you can add different perks to different shapes, for example, the elephant can't fly and takes less damage, the bird can fly but takes more damage.

This is a really nice. Reminds me of minit. It was fun to explore something new everyday and trying to do it before the day ends. 

This really caught me off guard... twice! It was really nice exploring the house and playing with the basketball. I ran into an issue when I threw the key somewhere and it disappeared in the floor. Apart from that it was pretty good. Good work! :)