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Interesting game.  The score can be done better - rather that the number of jumps you can do something like the number of platforms you switch. Variation in music would also be better as you progress. 

Good job overall!

Great game! Really good use of the themes. Art, music, sounds are all great as well. I really liked that you can see the dead body so you don't repeat the same mistakes.

Fun game. The unlearning jump aspect was quite good. The controls did seemed frustrating at first but then I found a cheat by pressing 3 buttons at the same time and the character would always jump. Good work overall!

It'd be better if the input text box was already cleared and selected to quickly put in the answer. Apart from that, it was pretty good. Well done! :)

This is really nice. Love the art and the animations. I like that there are multiple ways to get past the initial area and that you can fly over enemies to not fight them. Good job! :)

One suggestion I have is to make the camera display the platforms when you're flying to know where you're gonna fall. Also, in the later parts the camera doesn't show the platforms which are below the flynosaur which got me thinking if I should jump down or if there was another way.

This is an excellent concept! This can actually be a really good VR game.

One suggestion I had was to maybe have the mouse move the camera without "pausing" the console.

Had a minor camera issue in which the reticle wasn't at the center, so picking up objects was a little awkward sometimes.

Great work! :)

This is really good! Loved all the levels. Introduction for new mechanics is clear as well. Great job!

Love the visuals and the feel of the game. It's very well polished. 

The time between waves could be reduced. Sometimes, after defeating a few enemies I spent running around waiting for something to happen. Some kind of score system would be nice to keep players coming back to beat the high score. Also, I kept falling off the edges quite often :(.

Good job overall! :)

This was nice and my loved one said yes! I didn't notice any gameplay difference between the 3 shapes. Maybe you can add different perks to different shapes, for example, the elephant can't fly and takes less damage, the bird can fly but takes more damage.

This is a really nice. Reminds me of minit. It was fun to explore something new everyday and trying to do it before the day ends. 

This really caught me off guard... twice! It was really nice exploring the house and playing with the basketball. I ran into an issue when I threw the key somewhere and it disappeared in the floor. Apart from that it was pretty good. Good work! :)

Interesting idea! The visuals are really good. It took me a while to get used to it though, but was fun once I got the hang of it.

Thanks a lot for playing! Glad you liked it. :)

There's no story (at least not for now). You can create more problems for the villagers by not controlling fires, making it rain too much, and a couple of more ways. And there are a few end cases based on what you do (or don't do) like your system running out of memory.

There are a few improvements we have been thinking of to make the simulation better like adding some more commands spells and encourage players to execute different spells. Maybe we'll add those to the game later if we continue working on it.

This was really nice and peaceful. The art and music are really good. Loved the game over messages. Good job! :)

A few minor issues when zoomed in like weird camera rotation, and the building info UI wasn't visible till I zoomed out. Adding some helpful UI would be nice like how much does a building cost, some indicator for how long till the day ends.

This is really nice and quite relaxing. The tutorial seemed overwhelming but once the game starts it's immediately clear how to play. The art and music are really good as well. Great job! :)

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This is excellent... and unexpected! Really love the audio and the artwork. Great job!

One thing I noticed was the health bar going left to right instead of a usual right to left.

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Nice game! I like that you can use dash to attack as well in case first card was not selectable.

At first I didn't realize I could right click to use the second card. Maybe you can add some instruction for that, or you can do it in the card select menu where left click chooses left card and right click chooses the right card.

Good job overall!

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Very fun game. Love the sound effects and animations.

I didn't notice much of a difference between a clean and a dirty dish, so sometimes I lost track of a clean dish and picked up a dirty dish instead.

Great job overall! Made me laugh. :)

Nice game. The audio makes it really scary. Nice animations and enemy AI as well. You might wanna make the environment darker to make it more atmospheric.

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Very fun game! Loved the visuals and audio. The animation the player does while jumping was a nice touch. I found it a little difficult to control but still very enjoyable. 

Overall, great job! :)

Took me a few tries to get used to it, after that I had a lot of fun. Loved the art and the audio, especially the sounds audience makes. :)

This was fun. I liked the art style. The game was difficult as others have already pointed out, but still very fun. Also, a different color for UI text would be nice since the background is already light in color.

Good luck!

This was nice and funny. Art was nice as well. I kept replaying it for multiple endings. Kinda short though.

Thanks a lot for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

It's not multiplayer, at least not for now. The goal is to make it multiplayer someday. :)

Very fun game. Nice pixel art and sound effects too. I found it a little difficult, but still enjoyable. Well done!

Excellent game! Loved the inventory management system and the combat.

Great job!

Really nice game.

It was quite difficult and I didn't realize I could unlock more ships after completing all the levels. Replaying some levels after unlocking new ships made the game easier. Maybe you can add a "New Ship Unlocked" message in level end screen.

Also, sometimes I got a little confused on pressing left or right, especially when the ship was on top. It would've been easier if the ship stayed at one location and the level rotated.

Overall, great job! Good Luck! :)

Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it :)

Thank you very much! :)

Very nice game. Loved the art and music. Takes a little time getting used to though.

I agree with what others have already pointed out about boundaries around the edges. 

Apart from that, great job! :)

Very nice and interesting game. Loved the idea.

I kept dragging the map using my mouse instead of WASD since I'm used to that control scheme for most strategy games. Also, using mouse drag as an option to move the map would suit the game better by removing keyboard dependency since most of the game is controlled using mouse.

Overall, great job! :)

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Loved the concept.

I think it would be better to have most card selection controls on mouse rather than mouse and keyboard, like click to select, double click to choose, right click to discard.

Also, sometimes towards the end, I just kept discarding my cards for a few turns to get the one turn right/turn left card. I wished those two cards were always available to choose.

Overall, great job! I had fun playing it.

Very cool idea. I liked how blood splatter was visible when you restart the level, it really helps to not repeat the same mistake again. Would've loved to see more levels though.

Good luck!

Very nice concept. Great job!

I feel movement can be improved a lot. Pressing a key every time to move by a block gets a little annoying, especially after restarting a level.

Very nice game. It has a very good feel to it.

One thing though, sometimes the flippers are a little hard to notice since they blend in with the background. You might want to use a different color for them.

Overall, Great job!

Very fun game. 

I love that you put the magnet in the main menu. That was a good introduction to the game mechanics. I also liked how there are multiple ways to complete a level.

However, the game becomes quite difficult from level 3. I think it was mainly due to limited visibility. You might want to increase the camera size.

Overall, great job! I enjoyed it.

Very fun game. Wasn't expecting the part where the Dragun had an extra gun. Great job!

Thank you very much for playing and for the feedback. 

I just uploaded a new version in which I've increased time some enemies take before shooting, it might be more playable than before. If you're stuck in the saloon, see what the chandelier can do for you. :)

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Fun game. Nice sound effects too. Good job! It does get repetitive after a while. Maybe you can add more enemy types, pickups like shield or a different gun to add more variety. Also, when I move the player to the the sides, it goes out of screen.