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Great theme! Any chance we might see some water tiles for ponds/lakes/rivers near the campsite?

Great work! You can really see the benefit of the softer rock terrain when you compare the new and old versions in separate tabs.

The sidewalk tiles also do a great job of allowing the other sprites to jump off the background.

The door animations look fantastic, and I’m loving the daily updates again.

If I could offer one piece of feedback on what I’ve seen in Modern Exteriors so far, it is that the ground patterns feel too repetitious when used across a large area. For example, the cobblestone tiles in these screenshots add a lot of visual noise that makes it hard to distinguish characters or smaller items on the ground. It would be awesome to see a couple of ground tile options that are less noisy so that the storytelling sprites get more of the attention.

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So good to see you back! Hope you got the much-needed reset you were looking for.

Thanks for playing and suggesting a rotation indicator. I agree it can sometimes get difficult to tell the orientation in tight spaces.

Congrats on the 200th update! That is an amazing milestone.

Strong character designs and successful use of the theme with the characters combining different abilities. The controls seemed to be a little unforgiving, resulting in a lot of unintended falls. Nice attention to detail in the animations throughout.

Nice character designs and unique abilities for each opossum.

Love the art style and character design. It took me a few tries to realize that I had to hold down the space bar because the “sound wave” animation is delayed. Consider having the sound wave expand out from the bird immediately and then contract the sound wave when space bar is released. That might make the press-and-hold mechanic more obvious.

Otherwise it seems like either the player or enemy hit box is too large because I took damage a few times without visually touching the enemy.

Thanks for checking out my game on stream. Really appreciate it!

Yeah I thought it was strange that my Sony DualShock 4 didn’t work on your game, but it works on other games including my own. I don’t know if this helps, but you may want to check and see whether you are using the generic “Gamepad” controls for your input actions in Unity. I’ve found that option provides the best compatibility across multiple controllers.

I played the web version and thought the first level was a nice introduction to the overall mechanics. The art style was interesting and the world felt alive, particularly in the background cityscape.

Consider allowing the fire button to be held down for continuous firing as it gets tedious to keep pressing that key repeatedly.

The concept fit the theme well, and the shop mechanic introduced nice variety in the upgrade path. It would be cool to see the ant army grow and follow the player when they are not working.

I played the WebGL version on a Mac and found this to be a fun shooter. I tried choosing gamepad controls but my DualShock 4 controller didn’t seem to be working. So I ended up playing with a keyboard and found that the controls worked well, but I imagine the gamepad controls are even better.

The limited range of the weapon was a little frustrating since you can often see enemies across the screen and line up a shot only to have it fall short.

For the boss battles, you might consider reducing the knockback distance so that the boss stays on screen with the player.

Also, I enjoyed checking out your stream and appreciate you playing through our games and providing feedback. Thanks!

This was a fun game to watch on stream and figure out the levels with the chat. The stacking mechanism fit the theme well but didn’t seem to be required to beat many of the levels. Limiting the number of open squares might lead the player to use the stacking mechanism more.

I was in chat for one of the Twitch streams with you this morning.

We had fun playing this together on Twitch. There is a nice aha moment when you figure out the stacking mechanic. The fixed camera was a little troublesome in later levels, but overall great work!

Horde is a lot of fun. Adding the new zombies to the nearest side of the horde was a smart decision that allowed for strategic movement. The mechanic to add enemies to the horde was well-balanced, too. I appreciated the stats at the end of the game that allowed you to see how big the horde got during your run.

That was a fun challenge and very rewarding to complete a level (especially the one with the 5th flower)! The dropping of the orbs felt like a bug at first until I went back to the first screen to better understand the double-jump. Then I realized that is a super clever mechanic.

One suggestion might be to move the first double-jump closer to the middle of the screen. Since the orb and ledge were so close to the end of the first screen, I didn’t even realize I lost the orb due to double-jumping. Then again, that frustration and discovery are part of the fun. Well done.

That was fun! I just played up until Level 5 with my wife on the other half of the keyboard. We both enjoyed the puzzles and cheered each other on when it was time to execute a move.

As a puzzle platformer, this game depends heavily on precise controls, so it was a little frustrating to have the characters unintentionally slide off of platforms because the jump button wasn’t pressed in time.

One way that you might improve the movement is by implementing “coyote time” which allows the player to travel a few steps beyond the edge of the platform before falling. Here is a clip about how “coyote time” works in Celeste.

Enjoy a day off! I think you've earned it :)

Great update! I really appreciate these new store sections that add more variety and gameplay possibilities.

This is a great addition and will go a long way towards adding color and variety to the store layouts. 👏

That page turning animation looks great. Thanks for constantly adding value to this asset!

Nice work! I especially like the "pointer wave" assets for creating a pulsing animation that draw attention to objects of interest in my game.

One idea for an additional emote is a question mark [?] to indicate a character is confused or investigating.

Thanks for this tutorial! In your examples, I've noticed that your walls vary between 2 or 3 tiles in height. Do you have a strategy for when you use 2 tiles versus 3 tiles? I know that it can depend which objects are up against that wall (like a bookcase), but I'm curious if there are other considerations.