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Here is the video tell if you what you think I should add next!

I'm gonna a make a small animation with the hoodie folk changing I will release it on here soon!

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it was at that moment that temmie knew that he fucked up, or did he 😈? Tun Tunn Tunnn kkkakakkakakkkkkk

Too buggy!

If I have kids I'm gonna tell them this was the first Visual novel ever made! Loved it!

I agree!

ok! Cool


I love it!  UwU

WoW I really loved this game!! UwU

Cool Game! Uw

ok UwU! 

No I use a Playstation Controller.  uwu

Your Welcome! uwu

I like it maybe if you could add a controller support and a fullscreen mode it would be awsome! uwu totally worth the windowed mode though! uwu

I loved this game! It was Extremelly Good! uwu

I loved this game! It was Extremelly Good! uwu

ok I will don't worry I've been a Youtuber for almost 3 years I've been around too ya know I always do! uwu

ok Thank you so much! uwu

ok good! uwu

OMG! This game looks extremely good! Can I make a video about this game with music on without getting copyrighted? 

I'm gonna record it for a video will I get copyrighted if I have the music on?

I played it and It's Extremely good! uwu

ok Thank you so much! uwu

Can I make a video about the game without getting copyrighted?

Thank you! uwu XD

Cool! So can I record it without getting copyrighted? uwu

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Lmao, I'm definitely recording this for a future video! Can I record this with music without getting copyrighted?

Yup, I'm definitely recording a video on this! Can I? uwu

Ok, Thank you so much!! uwu XD 

I really love this game!! Can I make a video on this game with audio on without getting copyrighted?

Thank you Your Welcome! UwU

yeah I know right! UwU


done!! Finally, I made my very own Youtube/Twitch Profile pic! UwU XDD How does it look?

Here is the video of me playing this game!! It's really funny!! UwU