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Very cool music! What is the license?

Very fun!

But weirdly I hit a crash after playing for a few minutes. I'm using Safari 15.2. Probably a bug in Unity? 

Copy-pasted here: 

See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:

RuntimeError: Out of bounds memory access (evaluating ',func)')

<?>.wasm-function[1558]@[wasm code]

<?>.wasm-function[588]@[wasm code]

<?>.wasm-function[11453]@[wasm code]

<?>.wasm-function[18392]@[wasm code]

<?>.wasm-function[11455]@[wasm code]

<?>.wasm-function[18395]@[wasm code]

<?>.wasm-function[43349]@[wasm code]

<?>.wasm-function[18402]@[wasm code]

<?>.wasm-function[43361]@[wasm code]

<?>.wasm-function[20686]@[wasm code]

<?>.wasm-function[20686]@[wasm code]

<?>.wasm-function[17212]@[wasm code]

<?>.wasm-function[36633]@[wasm code]

wasm-stub@[native code]





Safari just reenabled support for SharedArrayBuffers ( So now Chrome, Safari, and Firefox all support SharedArrayBuffers provided the correct cross origin flags are set on the server.

Thanks for playing! I very much appreciate the positive feedback.

An ambient track is totally a good idea; it does feel too silent in the quiet moments.

Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback.

Some additional info: I noticed there's now a concrete date when Chrome will require cross-origin isolation to use SharedArrayBuffers: July 20th.

Chrome 92 is making these changes and it will start rolling-out July 20th:

Thanks! This is the page I've been testing my engine on:

If you can flip the switch for that page that would be excellent!

Thanks for the response!

Is there a loose timeline on when these changes might occur?

As I mentioned initially Chrome will make a change sometime next month that will make it so SharedArrayBuffers no longer work, at which point no browser will support such content on

I've been writing a custom engine for web using WebAssembly. It has some cool stuff like procedural audio that's shown off a tiny bit in this demo.

To make that audio work I need SharedArrayBuffers, and SharedArrayBuffers require CORS flags to be set as detailed here:

Right now my engine works on in Chrome without the CORS headers set, but that's temporary and Chrome will be disabling support next month. It's likely very difficult to make my engine work without SharedArrayBuffers, but I'd really like to host my future work on

I noticed there was some discussion of this issue around half a year ago:

Has any further progress been made on this front?

Thanks for letting me know! I did find that bug, but decided not to fix it because I figured only really frustrated people would discover it and it'd help them get unstuck.

But I probably should have fixed it!

Very cool! Just played the first 15% but I love the core gameplay, polish, and style. I intend to come back to finish the rest later!

I'm glad you enjoyed Noah's Help as well! It's very motivating to hear from people when they enjoy something I make.

I'd definitely like to make this game a full game at some point. It's something I have on my eventual to-do list!

Glad you enjoyed it Jason! 

I think the biggest mistake with this game was not hiding something after the heart. You're not the first to request that!

Thanks for playing! 

I agree about the music, although I don't really know what sort of music would fit with it. 

Thank you!

Thank you for the kind words!

Nothing planned yet! The jam is just over. But I'm thinking about it! A lot of people seem to enjoy it and I think it could be a really fun mobile game as well. 

I'll make sure to let you know if I do release a phone version!

Thank you so much!