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I did that, and it didn't work. Most likely something on my side tbh.

Thank you so much! It sounds like I'll just have to write/find some homebrew for it. Thanks for the help!

I've written an emulator for the NES that I would like to post on with web and downloadable functionality. For the downloadable one, you would have to upload your own ROMS, and I'm not worried about. However, on the web version I would like to have a couple of ROMs preloaded so they can try it out. I own these ROMs and the games they correlate to, but I was wondering if that would even be allowed on the site.

Thanks in advance!!

I can't get past the "[Confirm] to unlock" screen

Just out of curiosity, what engine was this game made in? I loved the game a ton though , and I really felt like the animations added a lot of life to the game!

cool, I sent you a request. My discord is samnamu#7246

I do coding in unity with C#, if that is what you are looking for.

Really fun game -- I had a lot of fun playing it. I think that there maybe could have been a bit clearer of a goal, whether that be a score or levels. It is quite definitely the base for something amazing though, i think you should keep working on it even after this jam is over!

Fun, but gets repetitive kind of quick. Really enjoyed it though.

Fun game and I really enjoyed the sprite design! Feels like a game that could be ported to mobile really easily!

I enjoyed the game but found if you jumped while close enough to spikes you could just get an extra jump (3rd) and be fine. I was also a bit confused about some of the hieroglyphs but the game overall had very good level design and loved it!

Here’s mine!

I wasn’t able to get the name working, but other than that I thought the game was very creative and fun

Ok, I’ll make sure to implement that once I can get updates in. I appreciate the feedback!

you might be trying to move up too fast. If you jerk your mouse up while on top of the box you will lose like of sight, and thus lose control of the box.