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Pretty cool that we came up with such a similar concept! :D

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Happy to hear that you liked it!

Glad you like it! :)

Really pretty! I like the use of colors.

Thanks for the comment and for making this jam happen!

Thanks for the feedback. Would you like to see some alternative for pushing through the beans?

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Thanks for the feedback! Gave me an idea to stop the timer for the duration of the whirlpool and maybe make it stick around longer. We'll discuss it and test it at some point after the voting is done.

Thanks for the feedback. Good points.

Thanks for the input. :)

Do you have something in mind that you'd like to see in the game?

Very cute. Love the constant purring and the fact that the cats follow laser pointer. Herding the cats was frustrating at times and some cats just felt to sleep constantly. Pretty accurate cat behavior.

Nice little game. Art is superb!

I found the experience of this game to be consistent and relaxing.

Menu and UI art was nice.  Art for the Unknown Girl was pretty kick-ass also. Main character looked little clumsy. Maybe it's something to do with the animation. Environment art was somewhat bland. It could use more variety in values.

The dog felt too tame to be an enemy. Wolf or so equally terrifying looking creature could do better as an enemy. White as a color is usually associated with purity, so use of it as an enemy color should be restricted to thematically fitting environments like snowy areas. Dog also didn't sound angry or aggressive so there was dissonance on how it looked and sounded against how it behaved. As an opponent they didn't really pose a threat.

SFX were overall juicy, but they could use more consistency with the quality. Relaxing music was fitting for a puzzle game, but was kinda off for combat phases. This leads to identifying the core of the game. The game seems to have equal amount of puzzling and combat, so it's missing a clear focus. Either combat or puzzling should be chosen as a core and other elements should be designed to support that core.

Underlying story got me interested and writing was enjoyable. I wish there were more characters to interact with.

I solved one puzzle on lower level, but got stuck on the rest. Play time was around 30 minutes.

Hope you find this review helpful.

Okay. Thanks man! :)

Thanks for the support! 

I'm not sure if I have time to develop this game further at this point. Maybe in the future, but now I need to concentrate more on my Game Dev studies and the projects that it brings along.

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Quite unique idea. There are not many simulator games where you are inside aquatic ecosystem. Fits the theme nicely as the water keeps vaporizing, making the play area smaller. There is the big fish, on top of the food chain and needs to be avoided. I hauled all the fish as a cluster for maximal survival, but things can get difficult with more and more fishes. 

There is a problem, if you force the fish above surface, they go off flying. Abusing this bug lets the player use the whole starting space whole game.

Graphics are functional, everything is clear and distinct from each other. The dino skeleton reminds me of some childhood comics. Those old comics use to always have skeletons underground. 

Game would benefit from some music.

Small and quick game. Actually it feels more like designed experience.. There are sometimes these games that provoke thinking and the gameplay is kind of secondary.

Very original touch to the theme. Anxiety keeps overpowering the player making the world smaller. Ambient sounds add to the dramatic atmosphere nicely. Very moody game. There could be even more sounds coming from the environment to intensify the experience.

Love the footsteps the character leaves behind. I think more games should do this kind of tracking. Zombie eyes glowing in the dark is a nice touch too. I think the bubble that keeps shrinking should be more pixelated to fit in with overall pixel art aesthetics.

Good start for your game designing. Hope to see you in the LD Jam also! :)

Made from a scratch within 48 hours during LD42 compo. Space Hauler is a side-scrolling space cleaning simulator with pixel graphics, relaxing Zen atmosphere and Tetris-like space management. In near future space tourism and industrialization has grown steadily. As a side effect Earth’s orbit is blocked by space debris. You are recruited to join the emerging industry of Space Hauling. Save the Earth and profit!