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I don't think so >.< sorry

yes it is XD

how do I get this full screen?

Nice idea! Pretty interesting mechanic, though it's a bit confusing at first XD I agree that you need to add a little bit more details to the rooms so they don't look all the same... You can get lost quite fast, though I guess that's the idea, meow. I liked the tunneling mechanic, quite fun to play around at the end, hehe. Meow!

Hehehe funny concept! It can get a bit tricky to navigate trough all the emojis and since I'm bad at this kinds of games I wasn't able to reach the end, if it exists...! XD Meow!

Super cool concept, amazing narrative, interesting design! I feel the scripted one is really hard, didn't manage to win XD But it really transmits that feeling of being a god, guiding your people trough the eras! I must slumber now! Meow!

Oh wow, pretty cool! That's a creative interpretation of the theme passage! I'm not a native English speaker so it was difficult for me but I like the game! Felt like a savior of literature, hahahaha Meow!

Eh... uhmm... hmm... Not sure where to start... As a personal preference, I like games with few words... XD This game was cool anyway, interesting setting and options, the cat has a weird personality. Don't judge yourself, just have fun! Meow!

Well, this is new. I'm not sure what to say, it was a different concept from anything I've ever seen, but creativity is always good! The zoey blinked a bit too much as the screen was moving, and felt a bit distracting... I couldn't quite read the passages properly since the font was way too big XD Interesting idea nonetheless, meow!

I saw this game being played on the stream and it has a cool aesthetic, the controls feel a bit weird but it's a good side scroller. Remember to keep in mind some knockback mechanic, invunerability frames, etc. Meow!

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Fun little game, I'll play with a friend later on (when I get home and have my controller). The only downside is the controls, they feel a little bit sluggish because you're using add force instead of add speed, I suggest doing speed for your next game, you'll notice the difference. The stealth mechanics were pretty good and the ore vaccuming was good too! Meow!

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Super fun competitive action! Very creative use of the discord chat, reminds me of those old browser based games. I actually felt like traveling around the world, and the sabotage mechanic was interesting and well executed. Meow!

The idea was to use the light ray as a scouting mechanic but... we ran out of time and energy XD Meow!

Yeah, that's one of the things we didn't have time at the end to fix, the difficulty of the levels. I'm glad you liked it! I liked your game a lot as well XD And yeah, we're going to keep on working with this project to see where it leads... Meow!

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Pretty creative use of the metagame! Once you understand what you need to do, it's quite interactive! I had a lot of fun in both figuring out what to do to properly play the game and actually playing! Though it might be a TINY bit hard at first to know what to do to get the game going... Meow!

Interesting approach! It felt a bit out of place when the mouse died and blood splattered but overall good game!

It was very funny, hehehe, good small silly game~ Nice interpretation of the theme. In spanish "passage" means the money you have to pay to be transported (bus, taxi, etc)

Thank you for playing, meow~ Tip: You don't have to kill the guards to move along (only in 1 screen) and there are some hidden walls in the dark.

I agree! It's super fun to just bounce and bounce and bounce XD

Where do I begin? Amazing game! Cool concept, pretty well executed, fun puzzles! I liked the way you implemented the classic features of this kinds of games. The bad? Well, it feels a bit tedious but nothing too extreme or immersion breaking. I like time travel mechanics and this one was pretty well done. Keep it up! Meow!

Nice little game, cute art, nice mechanics. I wish it had some sounds and the interface was a little bit too small... But great concept, pretty challenging and fun! I could definitely play this game for a while! Meow!

I liked the graphics, minecraft-style, hehe. It's a fun little game, requires some skill but once you get the hang of it, you become a sorting machine, haha. Simpe and creative mechanic, nice theme, nice music. Overall pretty good game! I wish it wasn't that long though, or maybe have levels in between so they slowly ramp up with the difficulty. Remember to have exit points for your players. Keep it up! Meow!

Wow! Nice! Love it! Simple but fun and challenging! Such an interesting idea and nice use of an historic background for inspiration. Meow!

Amazing fun little game, hehehehe~ Very creative! Simple mechanics but all the (s)Extra Juice makes it pop~ I give it 10 out 10 paw prints! Meow!

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Thanks~ I love relaxing~ and I'm always Funky~ Meow~ Nice game btw~ XD

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I shouldn't be telling you this but... (right click also works like enter, shhhhhh, don't tell anybody, it's a secret)

And yeah, that was the intention, to make it super dark and hard to say what's what and where's stuff... Thank you for playing! ^^

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Tienes que hacer un doble light dash en el aire XD Apuntale a la esquina y justo cuando sales del rayito, le das de nuevo hacia el espejo para que rebotes hacia la salida, hehehe

Me encanta! Jajajajajaja Clasico que vas a cagar y ves el elote ahi flotando en medio de la caca, jajajajajajajajajaja Genial!