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One of my projects (only use GMS 2.2.5, so should be no problems) now throws an exception when selecting it as the source. I think I was on the older version of Resource Importer, but installed the latest one and it still occurs. The .yyp is valid (passes a JSON linter) and loads fine, so I'm not sure what the problem is. I imagine this might not be fixable given priority is probably supporting 2.3, but thought I'd report it, here's the log.

We're definitely planning something along those lines for the eventual sequel, but we might be able to do a more basic endless mode in a patch. It'd certainly feel more arcade-y that way!

THANK YOU for this, I'm managing two very large projects with a huge number of shared scripts in a subfolder and my head exploded when I realized I couldn't export the folder as an extension. It'd be nice if it kept folder order intact (it looks like it reverses it on import) but that's not a big deal. I thought I was doomed once I ported to GMS2!

Honestly I really don't know enough about how GMS handles shader compilation or how Wine works to be able to say I can fix this (it is a super basic shader). At the very least I can add a setting to disable the shader in a future patch, but in the meantime if you'd like to drop an email address, email me at, or DM me on Twitter, I'd be happy to send you a quick build with the effect removed!

We're looking into native Mac/Linux ports but testing has shown that the physics simulations differ enough from the Windows version that they need their own new set of tweaked puzzles (and the associated testing), so that will probably be a while.

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Hi there! Thanks for the feedback.

I also have a hard time with the cursive font, & there's a toggle for it in Settings. With that turned off, anything that uses it (codex, etc) will be switched to the block font automatically.

Every part transformation has a keyboard equivalent - the panel is intended to be a point of reference for learning those keys (or a backup if you don't want to touch the keyboard). Each of the transform buttons' tooltips lists its key, and they're all clustered around WASD for easy access. It should be pretty easy to add a menu with a keyboard/mouse diagram to show the currently mapped controls too.

We actually meant to redesign the moon icon before release and/or highlight it with the same effect we use for the puzzle description button for the first puzzle. I definitely agree that it doesn't really tell you anything about what it does and we'll be changing it for the next patch.

Yeah, it's kind of silly that those types of goals aren't instant, especially because all the win triggers already have their own logic and timers (WW is based on our other game's level editor, so that part of the dev tools is super overengineered). We'll be putting out a small patch shortly and want to avoid making puzzle changes to avoid a lot of QA work, but for the subsequent bigger patch where we're revamping some puzzles and adding some new part functionality we'll definitely be cutting out that extra goal time!

Thanks for your feedback and we're glad you enjoyed the game! The genre issues you noted are things I personally really dislike and would like to actively address.  We're definitely trying to move away from finicky "find the perfect solution" puzzles toward allowing for more flexible ways of completing objectives. Additional parts/magic/systems so you can approach goals in different ways, as well as more goals that aren't 'move X to area Y'  (preventing things from breaking or moving, moving one thing but not others, etc) should hopefully help. We want to make sure the game feels tight and challenging, but seeing all the creative ways people have completed existing puzzles has been really fun.