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Thanks for your feedback and we're glad you enjoyed the game! The genre issues you noted are things I personally really dislike and would like to actively address.  We're definitely trying to move away from finicky "find the perfect solution" puzzles toward allowing for more flexible ways of completing objectives. Additional parts/magic/systems so you can approach goals in different ways, as well as more goals that aren't 'move X to area Y'  (preventing things from breaking or moving, moving one thing but not others, etc) should hopefully help. We want to make sure the game feels tight and challenging, but seeing all the creative ways people have completed existing puzzles has been really fun.

Cool to hear all that :). Yeah I too got to have a few levels where I was like 'wow I solved it like that :D' feeling it surely couldn't be the logical method and I'm sure that'll only increase as you expand/evolve the game with the ideas present and you've mentioned wanting to add, so I'm really looking forward to it.

One suggestion I have at the moment that wouldn't affect gameplay but I'd appreciate as a way to smooth out the pace some more, is a more immediate end to the levels that have a foolproof end. E.G. when a skull needs to be destroyed, once it is destroyed the slow building sound effect to the levels completion just feels drawn out - there's no way for the solution to be 'unsolved'. It's certainly relevant for things like get x in x box in-case it comes out of the box, but those skulls aren't coming back. Likewise anything that falls off the screen.
At the very least it should be quicker for those events. Playing through many puzzles in one session made that feel super tedious over time.
(Granted that might tie in to your levels general logic and goals for puzzle creation but it would be good if different objectives could have different end level timers like that).


Yeah, it's kind of silly that those types of goals aren't instant, especially because all the win triggers already have their own logic and timers (WW is based on our other game's level editor, so that part of the dev tools is super overengineered). We'll be putting out a small patch shortly and want to avoid making puzzle changes to avoid a lot of QA work, but for the subsequent bigger patch where we're revamping some puzzles and adding some new part functionality we'll definitely be cutting out that extra goal time!