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If you've clicked that OFF button, you've already won. Thanks for checking it out (:

Good thing you're a doctor. That hurt my soul (;

This is a wonderful creation that I could totally read again (and will). Thank you for sharing this window into a world just a couple years before I began teaching myself how to use Game Maker (~2006/7). I mostly hung around Yoyogames, Game Jolt, and some other non-genre-specific sites, but part of me wishes I'd spent some of that time around the RPG Maker scene.  What you've written really seems to capture a kind of magic atmosphere that I feel like I was part of without actually being there at the time, and I really appreciate that. There were several times while reading that I thought "you know, that's actually something profound". Anyone reading this can tell you've spent enough time to understand how the community works at a practical level. I definitely know the charm of the unrefined, almost "innocent", age where people weren't afraid to throw clashing one-off ideas together and just be creative (Bat Castle eavesdropping). Anyway, I remember finding Space Funeral a long time ago (maybe at Game Jolt?) and how it led me to Ruth White's electronic smorgasbords and Charles Baudelaire's poems. I just wanted you to know that all these years later, I'm still checking out your work and learning from what you share. By the way, I just bought Magic Wand, and boy is it phat. It's worth the price just to rotate the worlds and listen to the music, but I love basically everything about it. Still collecting those sweet figurines (:

Cool (: I thought the visuals set a fitting atmosphere. They did become a little jarring for me when the view consisted of both the rocky floor and the rocky corridor. I'm not too sure how to make it smoother while staying within the limitations and without sacrificing detail. Maybe just use all simple textures, like the dark floor? Anyway, it's still fun to me

Thank you so much (:

Thanks (: and yeah, that's a good idea. I hope to add more minigames to it in the future, and I'll be sure to do that

Liking the Kyoro-chan Land/Castelian look (:

What a sick game, man (; and nice title pun. My highscore's 55, but this is one of those games that makes you want to keep trying

Really nice (: I didn't know about the original game, so thanks for sharing the info. It reminds me of Puzzle Guzzle for the PSP. I like the character graphic, too

Thanks (:

This is a short and sweet little game (: I like it. Was it inspired at all by an old Game Maker game called Mubbly Tower?

Groovy (:

Nice (: Thank you

Creative and simple. I like it (: The art style is nice, too

Thank you very much. I'm sorry to hear that about the resolution; a similar issue happened with my PC when I used a different room size for the title screen. I am creating a new game called Bweh, using this game as a skeleton, and it will hopefully be more fun and have fewer bugs. I appreciate the feedback (:

Amazing (: This game really captures the Broughlike feel. Lots of interesting pieces involved.

This is a great game. I really like the theme (: Nice level design, too. Will there be a downloadable version?

Very interesting game mechanic (: Nicely done

The Year None Hundred is great, and this is, too. I like the protective stone that prevents fights

Excellent game. Very inspiring. Here is a work by Vincent Slow-Gogh, who once resided in the windowsill of a famous artist.

Thank you very much for the kind words (: I really liked the theme for this game jam, and I had a lot of fun creating Sub Buddy. I think it's interesting that limitations can bring out the best in our creativity. Oh, and believe it or not, the coral isn't dangerous at all; it's only there for looks and to give the illusion of movement.

Sweet, Boi (:

So smooth (: Nice randomness, too

Man, I used to play SkiFree all the time. Nice (:

Nice (: I like it

It's been a while since I've seen numbers in math (: This is a lot of fun. 

This is a great concept with a good amount of humor. I like it (:

Very cool (: The bats are pretty difficult to predict, as they should be. The music is groovy, man, and Satan was fun. Nice job!

This is a nice game. Being somewhat of  a shoot-em-up enthusiast, I found the firing mechanic pretty interesting, seeing as most games in the genre tend to give the player no negative feedback for constantly pressing the shoot button. The music is well done and fitting. Very good job with everything (:

Gather 'round, everyone (: It seems that quite a few contestants may have gotten stage fright; nonetheless, let us commence with the official results of Bullet Bash.

Dance of Bullets - Bullet Bash Edition:

For challenging yet fair bullet patterns, smooth gameplay, and a nice bullet-time mechanic, I present madve2 with the "1st Place" award.

Fire Hungry:

For likeable characters and the interesting proof-of-concept (though somewhat buggy in execution) of an online/mobile bullet-hell shmup arena game, I present Infamous Flames with the "Cluttered Desk" award: that is, messy yet insightful.

There you have it, folks! Thanks for participating, and we'll see you next time.

Thank you (: I tried to give the game a home-grown atmosphere. I am impressed with your entry. The patterns become challenging but fair, and the dynamic difficulty is executed well. Also, though not a requirement, the code does seem very structured and easy to modify. I look forward to seeing where this project goes

Thank you very much (: I was thinking about also making your own bombs destroy you if you get caught in the blast, so you have to be careful where you aim

Nice (: I look forward to it.

That is an excellent suggestion that I should have considered from the beginning. It most certainly may be web-based, and I will modify the rules to reflect that. Thank you.