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This is a wonderful creation that I could totally read again (and will). Thank you for sharing this window into a world just a couple years before I began teaching myself how to use Game Maker (~2006/7). I mostly hung around Yoyogames, Game Jolt, and some other non-genre-specific sites, but part of me wishes I'd spent some of that time around the RPG Maker scene.  What you've written really seems to capture a kind of magic atmosphere that I feel like I was part of without actually being there at the time, and I really appreciate that. There were several times while reading that I thought "you know, that's actually something profound". Anyone reading this can tell you've spent enough time to understand how the community works at a practical level. I definitely know the charm of the unrefined, almost "innocent", age where people weren't afraid to throw clashing one-off ideas together and just be creative (Bat Castle eavesdropping). Anyway, I remember finding Space Funeral a long time ago (maybe at Game Jolt?) and how it led me to Ruth White's electronic smorgasbords and Charles Baudelaire's poems. I just wanted you to know that all these years later, I'm still checking out your work and learning from what you share. By the way, I just bought Magic Wand, and boy is it phat. It's worth the price just to rotate the worlds and listen to the music, but I love basically everything about it. Still collecting those sweet figurines (: