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(but hard)

unironically the best jam game, you're the best

small stuff cnt'd

the tutorial was a bit inconsistent with how some signposts would have a pop up, and others you had to use

I tried using a ps controller. The binds all worked but the deadzone seemed too small. When my stick returned to centre, It must go slightly in the other direction, meaning when i stopped to shoot, i'd keep accidentally firing in the opposite direction. Had to use keyboard because of this.

I'd change the 3 ability slots for a universal deus ex style 'hotbar' thing, which you can also use to drink potions and swap weapons without needing to go into the inventory. The controller equivalent would be a pop up radial menu.

Seeing other enemies attack and move in all directions makes me want independent moving/aiming with the mouse or other analog stick even more. but im guessing you want to keep it retro. This is why I'm not a fan overall, even though I really like the art style and ambition, the combat and movement just feels dated and unfun to me

other small stuff:

spending time breaking empty boxes is boring, either make them all have something inside and have less boxes, and/or make them break quicker.

it'd be nice to see what you just picked up in a sack as a notification

R should be able to close the inventory no matter what you're doing in it. The ability keys could also be used to quickly assign abilities.

what about speedtree?