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whoops, i didn't mean to add the linux icon by the download

I'll try linux build next update

Brave's 'shield' seems to block it. Disabling it worked for me. Also there may be a short loading period where it appears to be doing nothing.

Firefox seems to work best.

Also are you zoomed in the browser? I noticed that changing it from 100% made it go blank.

haha thanks

yep, will add full screen next update

There is a tricky thing though, when the resolution is increased, the line generation becomes more obvious and you can see it popping in more to the point where it doesn't feel as seamless.

But if I don't solve that problem, i will add full screen regardless.


which browser? anything unusual about your comp?

small stuff cnt'd

the tutorial was a bit inconsistent with how some signposts would have a pop up, and others you had to use

I tried using a ps controller. The binds all worked but the deadzone seemed too small. When my stick returned to centre, It must go slightly in the other direction, meaning when i stopped to shoot, i'd keep accidentally firing in the opposite direction. Had to use keyboard because of this.

I'd change the 3 ability slots for a universal deus ex style 'hotbar' thing, which you can also use to drink potions and swap weapons without needing to go into the inventory. The controller equivalent would be a pop up radial menu.

Seeing other enemies attack and move in all directions makes me want independent moving/aiming with the mouse or other analog stick even more. but im guessing you want to keep it retro. This is why I'm not a fan overall, even though I really like the art style and ambition, the combat and movement just feels dated and unfun to me

other small stuff:

spending time breaking empty boxes is boring, either make them all have something inside and have less boxes, and/or make them break quicker.

it'd be nice to see what you just picked up in a sack as a notification

R should be able to close the inventory no matter what you're doing in it. The ability keys could also be used to quickly assign abilities.

what about speedtree?