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Damn... is this actually canon?

really fun idea but mind really has to struggle with placement, the lamp is also brutal af even without mind dropping any mobs

actual yoyo of zonk link: 

lmao wtf was that, what year is it

a simple popup explaining that they KEEP their position would have helped direct you to stacking them. removed the annoyance for me. 

Love the animation/sound effects devs, if you're reading there's a flaw on the email to "Geoff" might be a double space or a string that doesn't match. Larger error in inputs would be the thought of whether or not a 'space' is needed at the end of a line. Different emails were inconsistent. And no, I'm no fun at parties <3 

holy shit what a fucki-

This is a brilliant system to quickly dish out your gorgeous artwork and get some roguelike replay value. Love what you did with the engine <3

A simple solution to this would be offering +1 life as an upgrade that can be redeemed multiple times for $1000. :) 

Loved the design, reminds me of Strikey Sisters mixed with the vibe of Smash TV/Guts.

wonderful capturing of the comic. music was great, sound design was a little amplified. I went and read it and you made it far more uncomfortable than the original!

neat and clever use of same areas. <3

EHHHHHH, good job dan. I like the yellow man at the end. 

I'm here for the cool dudes who want to charge their JO crystals. Sup?

I'm a shithead for my comment, because I couldn't get it to play when I needed to show it off but I really appreciate this artwork. I come back to it often. 

Thank you, very much. OurRevolution