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Thanks for the answers Martin. I have some more tips since I've been playing today.

In the first map you encounter a lot of options in the decisions that involves having 50 followers, 8 altruist, etc. I think is too early to put those options. Maybe put it in the second or even the third map. Example of my first encounter in a game: 

Cards like "convenient cover" 0 energy put a 0/2 rock are insane, with them you can negate an attack of an enemy follower for 0 mana, I think they need a bit of balance. 

Card that are wounded and blessed doesn't show wounded but they still are. 

Some bosses maybe need a bit of balance as well, they have 2 followers in the field and start first, and his decks are all mythic and legendary. 

The scores in the challenge mode.  

Nowhere Prophet community · Created a new topic Some things
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The hermit deck only have 1 card? :S 

The card Reinforced Pattern, some times don't work properly.

At the end of the game there is not a single place to heal, is that normal? 

There are some skills a bit OP, first strike for example... And some items are usless... 

Some times the terrain can make the game very annoying, specially when you have only 1 slot to attack, and the other followers can only "look" the combat. 

The challenge mode seems won't working, always put 0 points. 

I played a lot of card games and this is a really good game by the way, I am enjoying it a lot.  :- )