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Thanks for the answers Martin. I have some more tips since I've been playing today.

In the first map you encounter a lot of options in the decisions that involves having 50 followers, 8 altruist, etc. I think is too early to put those options. Maybe put it in the second or even the third map. Example of my first encounter in a game: 

Cards like "convenient cover" 0 energy put a 0/2 rock are insane, with them you can negate an attack of an enemy follower for 0 mana, I think they need a bit of balance. 

Card that are wounded and blessed doesn't show wounded but they still are. 

Some bosses maybe need a bit of balance as well, they have 2 followers in the field and start first, and his decks are all mythic and legendary. 

The scores in the challenge mode.  

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Oh! Thanks for the detailed post!

On the event, you're sort of right. The Harvester is in fact a brand new event I sneakily added in the last update. It should probably not drop on the first map though. If you spot any more, please do point them out and I'll look into it. See if it makes sense to push them back a tad.

Convenient Cover is pretty good. It used to be pretty shitty but you're right, I may have to nerf that one a tad. Gonna put it to 1-cost, see how it feels. I don't want to go overboard with nerfs.

Also a note: Cards can never be BLESSED and WOUNDED. It's either or. If a wounded card gets blessed, then it heals its wound. If a blessed card is wounded, it just becomes wounded, losing its blessing in the process.

Bosses: They are supposed to be tough. That one specifically though you can spawn with units on your board as well. It depends on your choices within the location

And as for the scores: In fact that's by design. Your score was set to 0 if you died, and you'd only get a score if you completed the game. But the fact that it reads like an error to you, and it's probably a lot more demotivating than I'd want it to be, made me look at the scoring algorithm again and update it a tad. Now with the next update you'll get a score, even if you don't reach the end. Though if you do complete the game, you'll get a big fat score boost.

(Also I meant to replace that TEMP SCORE with some proper text but forgot, so that'll be fixed too)

Instant game changes through your post! So a special thank you for helping me make the game better!