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lol, hahaha that's funny

Nice tiles. :)

Deixei o feedback lá na Gamedev do face, fora isso, o jogo tá divertido e parece bem promissor. :D Vou dar follow pq quero ver as proximas atualizações.

OMG, seems awesome. <3 Love it

Hey! Thank you so much for supporting. Hope you like it. ♥

Ok, this game looks amazing. ❤

Thank you. <3 

awesome work. :)

Okay, i've posted 11 tiles of pack in the page, like an demo. I put some random stuff, to test the graphics on your project, and see how tiles work on your maps.

Thank you. :)

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Oh, sounds great. I'll think about it, but i don't know if this will work. The assets are literally the same of the screenshots. I'll think in one solution for this and separate some material here today. (Maybe reduce the quality of graphics...)
Anyway, Thank you. :)

I've setted the price on $8,90. This is my first plan to price when i make the pack, but i was testing some other values. Hope you enjoy. :)