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Thank you! 😊

Thank you for the kind words!

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1. Turn on the radio 2. Find the matches by investigating the corpse 3. Light the candles 4. Start the ritual 5. Once prompted, enter "blue nightingale" as your wish


You can memorize the coin game pattern and bet predictably on each restart of the day. The money can then be used to purchase canned corn (which is a solution to a puzzle on floor 3) at the vending machine.

There's no walkthrough I know of. I guess you are stuck trying to learn the language? If so, go one floor down to the room with the books to learn it. If it's another place you're stuck at, let me know!

I don't have a devlog (yet! - I want to start one, or at least do a written post mortem on the game), but you can get all of the info on how to make an AI chatbot by searching "seq2seq Cornell dataset". There's also a lot of tutorials and MIT licensed examples on GitHub.

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Hi, the guide comes already pretrained on movie scripts - it is used to generate text responses to whatever the player says.

As for when it comes into play - the game has puzzles where the user has to solve by speaking/typing. If user input is detected to be in the context of the puzzle, the guide gives a scripted speech and moves on to the next puzzle prompt. If user input is detected to be outside the puzzle (e.g., free form chatting) then the answer by the guide is generated by the AI and the user can continue chatting on any topic of their choice.

Thank you!

There's a second ending if you play the game twice. The bandaged man at the end will ask you if you want things to end differently.

Thank you!