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Super cool that you played both endings! :) 

Definitely, would love to make another game like this someday. I'm thinking about potentially making another dating SIM based on my experiences with unionization efforts in the workplace. I'll post any updates for sure. 

Thanks again for the kind words. It's super encouraging and means the world to me!!

Thanks for the comment, truly! I appreciate this perspective, and I'll carefully consider it.

For a bit of context, the black flag is a reference to an art project by Paul Coombs, an artist in the UK who made it in protest to ISIS's interpretation of Islam. This is listed in the credits to the game as well. 

ahhhhh tysm!!! i'm so happy you liked the writing, yay yay yay :)

bahahaha, very understanding reaction! and omg ty for your kind words :) makes my day!!


ahhhhh audrey ty for playing!!! :)

did you pick true love or america?? 

lol <3 <3

yayyyyyy, thank you!!!

Hey friends! Just released this Twine game I wrote. It's sexy and funny and satirical! 

Play as Elodie, a 19-year-old CIA super spy. As one of America's most ruthless agents, you’ve been assigned a deadly solo mission: infiltrate and destroy ISIS. Besides the whole “super spy” thing, you’re just a normal American girl… who’s really horny. Give these fuckers an American ass-kicking, and maybe learn a bit about your body on the way. Just remember the #1 rule of the CIA: always ask for consent.

Hope it's fun! I'm totally interested in feedback if ya'll get a chance to check it out. THANK YOU! Have a great day!!!