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Thanks for trying it out and for the comments. 

A few notes:
It's not possible to jump over a gap. The whole point is to figure out the patterns of the holes moving up and down and try to not be in a position that you have nowhere to go. But even when that happens, you must decide quickly where and when to fall and if it's the best strategy. Needless to say, this is not your typical platform game:) 

It takes a little while to understand that you jump only when the gap is directly above you, it's true, but this is the whole point. I also added some pictures about that in the How to Play section. 

If you liked the enemy on level 2, keep going, there is a new one on each level:)
Enjoy and thanks again!

Sorry about that, done.

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John Bottom is a small game with single player, coop and vs modes inspired by retro games of the 8 bit Era but with modern graphics and sound. You can play with game controllers (recommended) or the keyboard,  alone or with a friend.

Right now it's free at

Is it too late to add my game to the bundle?

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I have published a first version of Monster Striker Eleven at

It is a football (soccer) game with monsters kicking a pumpkin around and with much more relaxed rules, so no interruptions happen even. Just fun. 

The game supports single player and local multiplayer and it's playable with xbox controllers on windows. It also supports EyeX eye tracking if you have it:)

Game features:

-Physics based football action

-Local multiplayer

-Eye tracking support (EyeX)

-Multiple teams

-2 stadiums

-5 customizable team formations

The game is WIP and some bugs do exist, but it's awesome fun already:)