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In what way?

Th1S s bess gme evr 10/turkey wood luuse all mi bran cells agen.

Thanks man!  The text issue and "moveset-viewing" will be addressed in Monday's patch.  

I'd love to make this a full game, but that's kind of AE's call since I wouldn't want to make a game that large using another company's property unless it was officially licensed.

Thanks man!  Just wait 'till you get to the extreme mode bonus boss XD

Yup!  That's the intended way.  I would love to put it on mobile, too, but it'll have to wait a bit

The first boss is named Ballbert 10/10

For a story(ish) based platformer, those controls were SMOOTH. 

Been playing since the earliest beta.  Finally got it on Google Play.  Manly tears were shed.  

EZpurp has improved so much over the course of the game, and now we have one of the best rail shooters on Android to show for it.  GG

Quick, concise- good controls and simple design.  Can't ask for much more, really.

You sure you don't want to add another 3 paragraphs? XD

>Saw it released on Twitter

>Immediately downloaded

>Played until my hands felt like jello

>Worth.  Would finish survival mode again as soon as my hands could move

I built this thing for a programming class final in a program called, "Processing."  Ever heard of Processing?  Don't use Processing for games.  This was a pain to make XD

That being said, the game is still fun as hell, give it a go if you like this kinda stuff

There are minigames in Sm4R with more depth than most games