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I had a lot of fun with the levels! I think some barriers could be hit from an opposite wall but that's just me breaking games lol Really enjoyed the music with the short story too :)

Nice story and cool concept! Had fun trying not to die every two step in the later levels XD

Loved the art and the little twist at the end! The UI was also really cool, the variety of choices was fun to choose between. And Mary is a such a chaotic character ahaha 

Enjoyed the cool artstyle and music a lot. The controls got a little janky at parts but really nice experience overall! 

Cool game with some sweet music and graphics! Got stuck on some spots so I had to reload the page but the puzzle concept is well executed. Great work! :)

Super cool how you guys managed to set up a leaderboard! On the hand, the pixel art is adorable and the music was really nice. Awesome quality for a game made in only 1 week!

Cute game and a sweet take on a tower defense-style game! Really enjoyed the music and graphics :)

Pretty cool gameplay and music. The theme doesn't really show but I had fun trying to best my previous time! 

Interesting and cool concept! I think I ended up sacrificing a majority of my ghosty customers since the room didn't fit their demands XD The menu and the sfx were nicely executed. I think it'd be cool if you added an incentive for earning money other than just earning for the sake of it, but otherwise pretty solid gameplay.

Adorable sprites and concept. I loved the plague-doctory character you play as (and the flipping animation/transformation was a nice touch). Had fun leading a marching band of zombies while sacrificing my smol pumpkins XD

Cute concept and awesome sprite work! Didn't really know when I was interacting with objects but was a pretty cool game overall!

Really cool game, the music was a bop and the graphics are great! My favorite feature was the multiplayer option--those are hard to find in browser games these days (and maybe in general XD) Great work on completing this in 1 week!

Pretty sweet game! Loved the arcade style of it, and that it has multiplayer! Controls took a moment to figure out even with instructions but a solid experience overall :)

Really cool use of Unity's 3D capabilities! The graphics were really nice to look at. The puzzle solving concept was fun to solve, even though I really struggled a few levels in (it took me a moment to realize what adding system was lolll) The camera controls were a little janky, but that's probably because its an in-browser game. Awesome work overall!

So apparently I would make a horrible graveyard keeper since let 40 some zombies wreck havoc on the outside world LOL But I gotta say, it was a fun game! Someone else already mentioned this but the hitboxes are a little hard to figure out so I spend more time trying to smack all the green zombies and never got to preserve any of the white ones. Theme isn't too strong in this but who cares, it was fun and the music was a bop lol... Overall a cool game and honestly a refreshing "button-smash" game after playing around with more story/skilled based works! 

Wow! The atmosphere really got me in this, the music and the sfx especially. It's really cool how you play as this "artist" too and you're given several points to show mercy (I tried all endings :D). I loved the pixel graphics, as they helped add to the unsettling spookiness mood. Just one small thing I wanted to mention-- maybe add an exit button to the main menu since I had to force minimalize the screen to close the game XD. Overall, a really cool experience being the one who to determine fate of some very common personalities you see around.

Awesome concept! The music so good, and it really helped drive the mood and story of the game. The pixel graphics were simple but I think it played well with the memory/nostalgic tone of the game. The story was done really well too, it was interesting to see how bits of conservation unfold.

Very simple game but very immersive story and music. The concept of being a ghost in itself is super cool. I'm curious to see more in-depth parts of the story. Great game for only 1 week's work! :)

Awesome story, you really made the sacrifice theme work well with it! The art is really nice to look at too, kudos on the gallery feature (really helped me figure out which endings I finished)! After some of the routes, I gotta say...Gwendolyn knows all XD

Just finished playing through all the endings--can't believe you managed to work out 8 different illustrations/ends! I loved the warm art style, the doodle aesthetic worked really nicely with the cute (and sometimes sad, especially with the lonely one) story. The true ending came off as a surprise to me, didn't expect that to happen to Jackie! My favorite ending was the Grandma ending, I think it's one of the more wholesome ones :) Great work on your first game and doing this much in only 1 week!

Glad you liked it! We're hoping to add more after the rating period/a short hiatus and it'll have a little more on the story (definitely recommend trying it again once we update it since we really did crunch to the very last minute) .  I'm thrilled you enjoyed the artwork, we've gotten some feedback from others players about a gallery so we'll try to work something out for that (maybe an in-game feature or a blog of sorts)! On that note, I'm a bit curious to know which ending you got first haha.  There's definitely a lot more to the story, especially with the character you mentioned,  so I hope you don't mind waiting a bit XD 

Thank you for your kind words! And especially for playing it more than once XD We're planning on adding an update version/polish patch to the game sometime in the near future (still recovering from the other jams we did this month/work). We might add a gallery or an option to zoom up photos, or something similar. I'm glad you enjoyed the game overall, it means a lot to us and we hope you'll stick around for our updates. :)

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Once we polish this game a bit, we'll make a post-- a guide and some development of the game (we'll include some art and the story, of course)! 

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Thank you for taking the time to write on our page and giving our game a play! We actually ran a bit out of time (we spent the first 1.5 days trying to come up with a concept that can be done with our game engine XD) Super glad that the spooky parts weren't too much lol (there were times where we considered tweaking it). Snekovski and I are planning on patching it sometime soon since there's still a lot of rough edges, so we hope you can give it another try some time. 

Sorry about that, had some upload problems. Should be fixed now!

We made a new game about escaping school! Check it out at: 

Hi everyone reading this,

Just finished making my first game with a friend, it's a click-and-point VN Adventure Game with a time-attack and escape the room components! It's our first time submitting to a game jam too so there's that. I'd really appreciate if some of you could give it a try and drop a comment/review. 

Thanks in advance for reading this far!

We wanted there to a little bit of a challenge to finding the objects ahaha. Especially since the rooms aren't the most decorated for a typical point-and-click.  But we will definitely consider that for future patches/works.

Thanks again for playing, and leaving a comment! :)

Thanks! I'll do my best to not disappoint.