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Absolutely Fantastic.

As far as the "be in a position of power/influence" genre goes this is definitely my favorite next to titles like Papers Please or Orwell.

The human element is the  strongpoint of the game. Characters offer a wide range of opinions and personalities yet they always remain endearing on some level.

Which articles you publish often has immediate and devestating impacts on said characters.

There's a lot of attention to detail in the world building, it makes you care about the society you're a part of and the changes you bring.

I also greatly appreciated the artstyle, it's square and minimalist enough to portray an entire city without feeling overwhelming, meanwhile the detailed character portraits have plenty of personality.

If i had to give a suggestion it'd be that should you waste all your money early on there's not really a way to come back from that (that I found). Some sort of devil's bargain for quick cash would put the player in an interesting position.

Really interesting spin on the brawler. It's pikmin meets the red book meets double dragon.

The art assets are great, characters are tiny but so distinct you'll know where they are, what they're doing and who you should kill first.

Gameplay wise it's a riot (ha). Every level introduces new mechanics, unlockables push you to do perfect runs and it rarely if ever stops giving you this kind of rush of winning against a more powerful enemy.

The soundtrack has a energetic synth mix that keeps the momentum in levels high.

One criticsm: controlling the followers can be clunky, if there was a wait command things would be smoother.

To sum up: 

A fun short arcady and surprisingly creative brawler you will not regret giving a try.

This was really cute!

Seeing the Prince love interest getting things handed to him was better than any skincare. 

The main couple had real sweet hearthrob moments.

Loved it

It may be April but this game is definitely no joke.

Terrible, awful puns and lots of refrences but it got balanced beautifully with real heartfelt characters. 

Oh and the art? Just amazing, so slick and pretty and cohesive (where it means to be) 

I had a great time playing this.

Give it a shot!

I'm counting down the days until release!

This has everything i've ever wanted in a game

This was really fun ! The three have real chemistry together and I really want to learn more about the backstory of some of the other characters. Definitely amped up for future releases

Oh my god it's so beauitful and devastating at the same time! Every meme and refrence and situation was pretty much me at some point in life. So, this reminded me of some great times and people and some more difficult times... Either way this means a lot to me and probably a ton of other people and thank you so much for making it.

Ah I'm rambling.. anyways Design Art Plot Progression Ambience, it's pretty much perfect ! Loved it

Sch a memorable game! It really captures a very deep seated sense of anxiety, loneliness and desire to connect. The gorgeous soundtrack gives every scene all the more weight.

Definitely recommend giving it a try!

Really haunting with all the subtle storytelling. Making it so the game punishes you for playing it (in the way most online platforms do) is really ingenius.  I'd definitely want to read the rest of the stories!

Impressive game!

Adoreeeable! Loved those goofballs. The art was really charming too ! Great game

I'm in love with the  a e s t h e t i c s  !  From the Backgrounds to the UI to the character art i just wish i could wear it somehow.

The Story setup was great.  You have this cast of characters that all have history with each other and you kinda have to piece it all together but it happens organically, no "let's all pause to reminisce" and everything gets foreshadowed at least a bit so you're not out of your depth.

Really like the journal, breezed through it and felt way more attached to the protagonist than at the start.

Overall a standout title and can't wait for further updates

Bear witch ship <3

So fun and charming and a little mysterious, exactly what i wanted.  Thanks for the full release and alll your hard work!

Freaking amazing! Whether it's the incredible artwork, the super unique style, the organic and funny dialolgue or the enchanting ladies all of it just feels super polished and exceeds any expectations i had.

Also finally a game where you get to date a more experienced lady! Literally couldn't ask for more. Thanks devs

Oh  my gosh this was amazing! The beautiful artstyle, the striking design and the fun dialogue really gelled together well. Definitely looking forward to any future releases.

( also appreciated the utena refrence,  glad someone's keeping gay nerd culture alive.)

Very charming, can't wait for the release version

This was really impressive! Mental health treatment for ghosts is such a creative idea i'm surprised it's not a genre yet. 

Despite the charming and witty dialogue segments the story stayed pretty serious so you still felt for the characters. I got the we're a happy family ending and it was very satisfying.

The UI felt pretty intuitive, it's definitely a nice change of pace. Just wished it wasn't as susceptible to trial and error.

Overall an outstanding experience.

This was so cute! The art and music really give this atmossphere of something you play on a Sunday morning wrapped up in a blanket, really relaxing. I was impressed how delicately the underlying themes are handled, you get a good sense of what the real life counterpart would be without being taken out of the story or things being too obvious. And that ending (!). Very enjoyable.

Just finished part 2 and I felt thoroughly satisfied. Thank you to the dev team for sticking with this project and giving us such a special game.

[spoiler] The Phoenix route was great. Lots of natural feeling intimate moments, nothing felt too rushed and then that sweet sweet happy ending.

It's hard not to love a good vampire romance and this didn't disappoint. Characters with good chemistry, a totally novel artstyle and comfortable music really leaves you wanting more.

Great Art with (as far as i can tell by the demo) complex characters. The setting feels very genuine and it all comes together nicely. Looking forward to this one

If i had to pick a visual novel that does everything right this would probably be it. From almost perfect UI design to catchy BGM to just well balanced charming writing and ultimately mercilessly plucking my heart strings...

Really looking forward to the release version !