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I'm in love with the  a e s t h e t i c s  !  From the Backgrounds to the UI to the character art i just wish i could wear it somehow.

The Story setup was great.  You have this cast of characters that all have history with each other and you kinda have to piece it all together but it happens organically, no "let's all pause to reminisce" and everything gets foreshadowed at least a bit so you're not out of your depth.

Really like the journal, breezed through it and felt way more attached to the protagonist than at the start.

Overall a standout title and can't wait for further updates

This comment warmed my heart immensely! I love this project to pieces, so I'm glad to hear it was an enjoyable experience. It has a lot to go, and more to be done, but I cannot thank you enough for the kind words!