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Hey! Thank you for the comment! The game was originally inspired in part to DDLC, with some flairs and themes from other sci-fi and thriller films. I hope to carve my own story out of it, and have it be it's own entity by the end! Thank you very much for the comment, and I hope you continue to enjoy the game!

You're welcome to post it!

I've mentioned it on Twitter, on Discord and on my YouTube regarding the game. I've also mentioned it in comments previously to others, so it's never been a hidden aspect. I understand that you find the lack of mention disheartening, it was never malicious. The link (I thought) was apparent, even without me confirming it. I was hesitant to add the mention of 'Doki Doki Literature Club' into the game itself, as that isn't my game and it's not my property to be mentioning. 

I've stated several times it was an inspiration, and I'm going to include that officially in the art book PDF. It's never been a secret or something I've tried to deny! I'm sorry Kana is a princess at times but you'll get to know her more thru the game! I'm glad you enjoyed Haruka's ummm... special brand of spelling and grammar. :P Thanks again!

Yumi (who is a girl) does have a route!

Eventually! But for now, I'm still writing and refining the game.

Hey! I think a comment you left went onto a different post -- I understand that it's got overlaps with DDLC, and I was inspired to pursue my own story with mechanics inspired by that game. I'm unsure if that's why you gave the game one star as a rating..? I'm sorry if you feel that it deserves a low rating because of that similarity. 

I've coded the majority of the game myself, I've edited the art assets myself (and am waiting for the official artist to make their art for it!) -- but they're not meant to be 100% the same. There's more story for me to show, as this is still early days. But in any case, I hope you'll give it a chance to develop! I don't think sharing some similarities means it shouldn't be allowed to exist. By the same token, if you really hate it or don't enjoy it, that's your choice!

In any case, thank you for your feedback!

Random comment but hello! Yeah, I'm aware, it's one of the inspirations for me doing this game! But I'm gonna do my own thing with it!

Hey! A lot of the game's scripts are hidden, so sorry! :P Some are available but yea.

Dialogue And Narration is what you're looking for. Make sure you define your character, and then use their prefix before each piece of their dialogue!

Not currently! Can't say for future content though! ^_^

There's no boy..? There's Yumi, who's a girl! She's got a route, you should be able to access it via the new download OR via playing all three of the other girls routes first.

Once we're at full launch, I'll look into it for you! I'm not too sure what the process is!

I changed it so you should be able to play with her first time thru, there was a narrative reason originally but I've removed it for now! You should be able to interact with her right off the bat now.

Ah yes, that is a known issue. ;) But thank you for pointing it out! And thanks for your comment! :D

Hey Lizzy! Thanks so much for the comment! Mike is a super cool dude, so I'm thankful to him for getting more eyes onto my project! I appreciate you coming over to give your thoughts, and will continue to work super hard on the game to get it together for everyone! Thank you again for your time and your comment. ^_^

Hey! Thank you for your kind words! To scroll thru the messages, you use your middle mouse button like you'd normally scroll. However, future versions will auto-focus on new messages as they appear. :3

Hey! Yumi unlocks after you play all three other routes thru! ^_^ ThNk you!

You're very welcome!

Thank you for playing the game and doing a let’s play of it! As said on the video itself, I really enjoyed your reactions. Haha 

In the current build, you have to scroll after each message. I’ve had someone assist me, who fixed the issue, and I’ll be putting out that update once I’ve fixed some spelling errors. The game won’t change substantially, but the quality will be generally improved. Thank you for pointing this out! ^_^

Yumi route is currently available after you complete the other three! There was originally a reason for this, long term, but I’m rebalancing how the story unfolds. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it thus far! thank you very much for your comment!

I’m not sure unfortunately! Perhaps delete ALL versions of the game then redownload it?

If you’re playing the tech demo then yeah, it ends after that. It’s a seperate game and a shorter experience, the “original” game.

Hey! Sorry for the issues. I’ll likely do a quality of life update shortly, just to clean up some mistakes and confusions. I’ll be hiring someone to proofread it before I officially launch it later on. Thank you for pointing this out to me!

You can! You just have to do the other three paths For Reasons. >_>

Thank you for your efforts in archiving and playing the game! I appreciate it! ^_^ More will come in time, I just wanna make each update substantial. was the converter I used -- should be words.... >_>;;

Thank you for picking that out! Kana is meant to have a club, Aiko a heart, Yumi a spade and Haruka a diamond. The meanings of these are somewhat linked to this information, but I just thought it'd add an interesting touch for all of them to have a unique symbol associated to them.

As for those errors, whoops, I'll make sure to fix that in future updates. I probably won't be doing an update again until the majority of the story is in, as I don't want to keep making people replay the intro sequence. @_@

This is such a cute concept, absolutely in love with it! Very quality work, and I'm excited to see more from y'all! :DD

Thank you! I do understand that the ending is a little confusion, I'll make sure in future to make it a clear end. I am working on the story, and working to update the art, and it's a big ol' process. I appreciate the good vibes, thank you so much!! 

you do choose your presenting gender via the pronouns. 

Not to disappoint but that is the end of existing content at the moment. I had to rush-release the current build out because the previous version had excessive spoilers. Anything past Day Zero isn't meant to be included, as I'm currently writing tbe game still. Sorry for the confusion. I'm going to try to round off the experience and make it a more seamless transition to make it clearer. 

Hey! There is a discord, and a SubReddit! The discord is my own one that I made, I didn't make the reddit. Finding the things are half the fun. :P

Thank you! I hope to have the majority of the game written up, as I’m waiting for art assets to be completed. ^^

Thank you! There is a lot more to go, I wanna get the whole thing together before I release another update!

I appreciate the passion and fervour, but mayhaps don’t post spoilers in the comments. 😇😇


did you unzip it? If so, you should be able to load up the .exe file.

you need to find the .exe file once you unzip the game!

In some aspects DDLC did inspire me to make a game and by extension, its a little special in the same way.  But it has it's own story and characters, and it's entirely coded and formed thru my own research and knowledge. ^_^